Shadowverse: Deadlines And Dates For The World Grand Prix

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Cygames decided to take advantage of the year 2018 to launch a global eSports circuit on Shadowverse!


For Shadowverse, 2018 will surely rhyme with eSport. The publisher Cygames has indeed decided to accelerate on this side by unveiling a complete circuit that will soon begin and that will end in December with the Grand Prix Mondial, cashprize 1 million dollars. We will immediately answer the first question that should come to mind: yes, everyone can participate. Whether online or offline, Shadowverse unveils many stages around the world! On the menu: cash prizes to win, but also in-game currency or legendary cards.



Ways to qualify for the World Grand Prix:


Before anything else, it will be necessary to qualify for one of the three "Contenders Cups", before wanting to see bigger. Three cuts that will each be dedicated to a continent: America (North and South - PAM), Europe (EUR) and Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO). From these Contenders Cups, 20 qualified will be sent to Los Angeles for the continuation of the hostilities (8 qualified for the region PAM, 8 qualified for the region EUR and 4 qualified for the region SEAO). Then and finally, the top 3 players from the EUR zone, the top 3 players from the PAM region and the best player from the SEAO region will be sent to Tokyo for the grand finale of the World Grand Prix.



Ways to qualify for Contenders Cups:


To access a Contenders Cup, it's actually very simple, it will win an offline events such as Dreamhack Tours, Singapore Open or Dreamhack Montreal. Anyone can participate in these events to win prizes, but only the winners will be sent to Los Angeles. In parallel, there will be online tournaments that will allow you to earn qualifying points by taking part in various Shadowverse tournaments in spring and summer. Finally, there will also be Wild Card tournaments, where a place will be allocated to each region.


In summary :

- For Europe: the winner of Dreamhack Tours, the winner of the online spring tournament, the winner of the online summer tournament, the winner of the Wild Card tournament and four qualified via the league.

- For America: the Dreamhack Montreal winner the winner of the online spring tournament, the winner of the online summer tournament, the winner of the Wild Card tournament and four qualified through the league.

- For Asia: the winner of the Singapore Open, the winner of the Wild Card tournament and two qualified through the league.


Key dates to keep in mind:


Here are the dates to set aside for the complete Shadowverse circuit of the year 2018.


- Dreamhack Tours: 19-21 May

- Online Spring Tournament: April-June

- Open Singapore: August

- Online Tournament Summer: July-September

- Dreamhack Montreal: September

- Wild Card Tournaments: September

- Contenders Cups: October

- Crucible: November (this is a series of online matches with WGP qualifiers)

- World Grand Prix: December

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