Star Citizen Illuminates Something Lost In Games Lately

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Star Citizen was originally due for a commercial release in 2016, which was then pushed back to 2017 but, as we know, it didn't appear in 2017 either. Star Citizen's creator Chris Roberts went on record to state that the game won't have a normal commercial release which suggests to us that the game will become available in big chunks over time. Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded project in history. It has raised more than $176 million. 



Star Citizen is split into several modules, each representing a different element of the game, which are being released one by one to early backers. Traditional game development includes developers, a publisher, and a production pipeline. Many studios are not very transparent about their process for various reasons. Star Citizen has since provided further transparency with Squadron 42 updates. But when everything is working as intended, the game defies logic. 


The graphics are unreal and the world feels truly open and alive. Sometimes, disturbingly so in the void of space. CIG engaged in modular development for Star Citizen. This means that the development team targeted specifics areas of the game before moving to another objective. For Star Citizen, it could mean improved performance which, mentioned above, is a concern. This forward thinking toward future optimization is something I, as a gamer and techie, would like to see other devs incorporate.


Star Citizen illuminates something lost in games lately. That thing is wonder, excitement - hope. It’s a cheesy thing to suggest, but search your feelings. There are good arguments on both sides. Upon release, Star Citizen will have two major components: Squadron 42 and the Persistent Universe. Squadron 42 is the single-player campaign for the game that allows you to work your way up to gaining citizenship and preparing you for the world. 

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In essence, Star Citizen is part Elite: Dangerous, part EVE Online-style MMO, part sci-fi craft porn and part immersive first-person shooter. Meanwhile, Star Citizen is the most crowdfunded game in existence. Originally slated for a 2014 release, Star Citizen has been delayed countless times, sliding from 2014 to 2015, then to 2016, and now it no longer has an expected release date. Read more at here to get more latest guides and news, tips.

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