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Strike of Kings is a mobile MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), which Tencent designed with a touchscreen in mind. It’s basically a tweaked version of League of Legends, with the same five versus five battling gameplay. It's been out in China for some time now, but has only just made the move west in certain territories.



It's League as you know and love it, just more suited to bite sized play. There's a touch-focused control scheme as well, and DC heroes have started to make an appearance. Here U4GM will show you some details about heros in Strike of Kings:





Sweet Revenge (Passive)

When damaged, Mina has a chance to counterattack, dealing Phys. DMG to all nearby enemies.


Whirling Scythe

Mina swings her scythe in a wide arc, dealing Phys. DMG to all enemies within range.


Death Scythe

Mina whirls her scythe to pull in all enemies in front of her, dealing Phys. DMG to affected enemies and slowing their Mov. Speed.


Dark Dominion (Ultimate)

Mina enrages nearby enemies, making them attack her for 2 sec. Damage dealt by enraged enemies is reduced by 50%.


Lu Bu



Martial Master (Passive)

Reduce Impale's Cooldown by 1 sec. whenever Lu Bu hits a target with a skill or normal attack.


Red Stallion

Lu Bu lunges forward, causing Phys. DMG. (Touch the Hero to stop), this skill can be discharged 3 times in a row. The third attack sends enemies flying.



Lu Bu brings down his halberd to unleash a shockwave at enemies, causing Phys. DMG and temporarily slowing their Mov. Speed.


Conqueror (Ultimate)

Lu Bu powers up, which boosts his Phys. ATK, his life steal, and poise for a 8+ sec.





Voodoo (Passive)

Normal attacks and skills carry a continuous poison effect that deals Magic DMG and adds 1 Voodoo Mark. Can be stacked a maximum of 5 times.



Mganga creates an explosion of poisonous gas in a specified area. This gas then gradually spreads to cause Magic DMG and slows Mov. Speed for 4s.


Fortunate Gift

Mganga hurls magic items in the specified direction to cause Magic DMG to any enemy he hits. However, if he hits an ally hero, he will affix a healing mark on them that will recover HP.


Detonation (Ultimate)

Mganga sets off explosions that cause all nearby enemies Magic DMG and heal ally heroes by HP. If an enemy or ally is marked, each mark stack adds 50% DMG for enemies and 50% Healing effect for allies.





Hidden Weapons (Passive)

When a normal attack hits a target, the projectile explodes dealing area damage to surrounding Creeps. Fennik has a longer attack range than any other archers.


Thief's Mark

Fennik marks an enemy or building as a target. The mark explodes around the target after 4 sec., dealing Phys. DMG. Fennik's normal attacks will deal extra Phys. DMG on marked targets. The mark will explode immediately when 4 stacks have been applied, and Fennik's ATK speed will be increased for 4 sec. when the skill is activated.


Rolling Lightning

Fennik rolls forward to reduce Mov. Speed and deal Phys. DMG to enemies in the path. Traces of lightning are left on the path to deal Phys. DMG to enemies every 0.25s.


Chain Hammer Cyclone (Ultimate)

Fennik throws a chain hammer to a specified location to stir a thunder cyclone which will last for several seconds, slowing enemies' Mov. Speed within range while dealing Phys. DMG to them every 0.5s. Enemies within the thunder cyclone will take double damage.





Wicked Plot (Passive)

Aleister's skills and every 3rd normal attack apply 1 Curse stack on the enemy. The Curse will explode after reaching 3 stacks, dealing Real DMG to the enemy.


Magic Barrier

Aleister summons a protective barrier that causes Magic DMG, inflicts Stun, and adds 1 stack of Curse.


Matrix of Woe

Aleister summons a Matrix, continuously dealing Magic DMG to enemies within range and applying 1 Curse stack.


Magic Prison (Ultimate)

Aleister traps an enemy in a lightning prison for 2.5 sec., dealing Magic DMG and stunning the enemy on each hit. The enemy will receive a Curse stack when the skill begins and when it ends.





Faithful Herald (Passive)

Every time Chaugnar uses Energy Surge, he calls upon the energies of chaos to remove all Control Effects, reduce damage taken by 10%, and increase Mov. Speed by 20% for 2 sec.


Energy Surge

Chaugnar summons an energy wave that attacks enemies and causes Magic DMG to any enemy it hits. It also slows their Mov. Speed for 2s.


Shock Wave

Chaugnar shakes his entire body to cause Magic DMG to all nearby enemies. Damage increases by 30% with each hit and can be stacked a max of 2 times. Energy Surge CD time decreases by 1s.


Chaos Protection (Ultimate)

Chaugnar invokes the energies of chaos to remove all Control Effects from nearby allies and grants them protection, making them immune to further Control Effects and take less damage. Nearby allies' Mov. Speed is increased for 0.5s and Chaugnar's Mov. Speed is increased for 3s. Shock Wave CD times decreases and doesn't cost Mana, lasting 6s.


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