Sunwell Angrathar Will Present Real Challenges

Sunwell Date: Mar/17/18 14:41:20 Views: 3049

To celebrate the 42-days online of Angrathar while it reached 5000 players, Sunwell updated more content recently. You can also buy Sunwell gold for more upgrades.



The first PvE and PvP content


Raids seem to be properly tuned and present the real challenges for most of Angrathar community (cough, playing ironically, cough). 


Deadly Gladiator Season


PvP season must last analogically to PvE season and it might cause an issue concerning a number of arena points players can gain. Since the first season will be definitely the shortest, developing team decided to increase a daily number of arena points you can gain from Random Battleground (blizzlike: 25 for the first victory, currently: 50 for the first victory).




Most of PvE players are waiting for the most epic raid of WotLK expansion: Ulduar! It's time to expect the prison of the Old God, Yogg-Saron. There will be Hard Modes difficulty which means a formidable challenge ahead of you. The new PvE and PvP seasons will be released in May/June 2018.

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