Tailoring — Another Profession In WoW (World of Warcraft) Classic | Check And Get To Know This Profession Better

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Tailoring — Another Profession In WoW (World of Warcraft) Classic | Check And Get To Know This Profession Better

  Thank goodness, after years of waiting, World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic now has officially released, and those wonderful times has returned to us again. And now it's time to equip your knitting needles to become the greast Tailor ever in Azeroth. As a very popular profession that specializing in creating light armor, and also bags, this is truly a popular choice among Priests, Mages, and of course, Warlocks.

  The materials that Tailoring use can be found easily while questing, because cloth materials can drop from all humanoid opponents. Very similar to Leatherworking, where materials come from skinning slain beasts, Tailoring will have materials provided by doing nothing more than leveling a character. But the real issue is, the amount needed to level from 1-300 is pretty high, and therefore players will need to decide between grinding areas to the the cloth they need, or just waiting until they are in a much higher level and can acquire WoW Classic items more quickly by large scale Area of Effect (AoE) farming. The second method will be listed later, and so far, the most efficient way to level up is Tailoring.


  And Now Here Are Some Tips About Tailoring In WoW Classic Game: Check And Get To Know This Profession Better:

  Step 1: Professions That Go Well With Tailoring In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

Not a lot of WoW Classic players know that Enchanting is often one of the best choices for several reasons. Firstly, though materials for Tailoring are found pretty easily while questing, the same is not so true for Enchanting. Players must disenchant an items of Green or better quality to receive materials, this can be obtained while players leveling up Tailoring. Although you might be tempted to level Tailoring to sell items on the Auction House, the real situation is that almost nothing you make while leveling will be profitable, cause everyone is also leveling at the same time, and there are no rich alternatives to send WoW Classic gold over for frivolous purchase.

In the late step of this WoW Classic game, a master enchanter is always able to profit, but the road to that point is so long and expensive. If you are instead looking to make gold while leveling, then that is not a bad idea considering the expensive cost of a mount at both level 40 and level 60, after that consider taking any other gathering professions to sell materials on the Auction House. Herbalism, Mining, and even Skinning are all good choices if you prefer to make your money on your own.

Step 2: The Slow Leveling Process In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

Nowadays, leveling up can feel like a breeze, especially with those recipes that provide numerous points of progression towards becoming a master. However, this is a relatively new feature in game, and will not be available in the WoW Classic version. Instead, we have Green, Grey, Orange and Yellow colors in the Tailoring profession window. Usually, Yellow and Orange are the best bet, cause each craft can raise your level by one point, but Green color may require multiple crafts and is inefficient for leveling.

Step 3: Can I Power Level My Tailoring In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

To put it in a nutshell, you will not be able to power level in the same way we often to today. This goes back to the reason from before, first of all, that no one will have the gold resources at first to buy all the required materials, and what's worse, those materials are also likely to be scarce on the Auction House, demanding a premium for their purchase.

As time goes by, months down the road, this will be a different story assuming that the player base is still strong. However, if we notice a massive drop off shortly after release, then this will remain as true as it does near launch, and much of the material gathering will be done by you.

Step 4: Where To Farm Cloth In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

In WoW Classic game, you should know that there is no level scaling of regions like what we have now. Considering this, you need to target specific areas to find each type of cloth. Although cloth can drop from any humanoid opponent, the following areas offer some of the most concentrated areas of opponents. Just as we stated above, a great way to level farm is to out level an area by about tenlevels or so, and then with a character that can AoE farm, begin kiting the dense areas of opponents.

For instance, farms that contain dense groups of Defias affiliated humanoids are perfect to tag as a frost mage quickly, and then defeat them all at once by using spells like Blizzard and Cone of Cold. By using this way, you can farm cloth to level much faster more efficiently, and this is also why it is much simpler to level your character and not try to keep the profession scaled at the same pace.

With that in mind, and now here are some of the more densely populated areas in World of Warcraft Classic game: (Places Listed In Leveling Order)

   ①Linen Cloth Required Level: Level ranges 1-15.
    Places to Find: Players can find it in Ragefire Chasm (K), Stonecairn Lake at Elwynn Forest (EK), Trogg Mine east of Ironforge(EK), The Oracle Glade at Teldrassil(K).
    Extra information: None.

   ②Wool Cloth Required Level: Level ranges 15-30.
    Places to Find: Players can find it in Redridge Mountains (EK), Stonetalon Mountains(K), and Ashenvale(K).
    Extra information: None.

   ③Silk Cloth Required Level: Level ranges 35-40.
    Places to Find: Players can find it in Scarlet Monastery (EK), and Razorfen Kraul (K).
    Extra information: We have to say Scarlet Monastery is an amazing place to go once you have reached a much higher level cause the dungeon is filled with humanoids that will follow you all the way through, therefore they can be tagged in masse and AoE farmed easily. It is also suitable for Razorfen Kraul place.

   ④Mageweave Cloth Required Level: Level ranges 45-50.
    Places to Find: Players can find it in Zul'Farrak (K), and Tanaris (K) very easily.
    Extra information: None.

   ⑤Runecloth Required Level: Level ranges 50-60.
    Places to Find: Players can find it in Scholomance (EK), Stratholme (EK), Blackrock Depths (EK), Lower Blackrock Spire (EK) Dire Maul (K), Western Plaguelands (EK), Eastern Plaguelands (EK), and Felwood (K).
    Extra information: Finally, the Runecloth will become some of the cheapest on the Auction House cause more and more characters reach the level cap and then have no use for it. Accroding to this statement , farming it it probematic because one can not AoE farm other level 60 opponents as easily as those right above places.

   ⑥Felcloth Required Level: Level ranges 55-60.
    Places to Find: Players can find it in Dire Maul (K), Felwood (K), Azshara (K), and Blasted Lands (EK).
    Extra information: Felcloth is necessary for endgame Tailoring crafts.

   ⑦Mooncloth Required Level: Not Specifically Told.
    Places to Find: Not Specifically Told.
    Extra information: This kind of cloth does not drop from opponents. In fact, it is crafted at a Moonwell by using two pieces of Felcloth. Also, it comes with a surprising four day cooldown, therefore, it can take quite some time to create anything with it. For example, a Flarecore Robe will require ten pieces of Mooncloth, and so 40 days of cooldown for crafting.

  Step 5: Tailoring Takes Forever, But Is Worth It In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

Even though it may feel pretty slow, Tailoring can be quite powerful for cloth users in the endgame. The rarest patterns that can be found from the most difficult content available are well worth the effort. Considering that, players wonder if WoW Classic will lead to the first expansion with the Burning Crusade eventually. If so, Tailoring was an outstanding profession choice there as well, with the endgame patterns being very useful in the very early stage of raiding.

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