The Lost Ark Early Beginner's Guide to Help You Quickly Rise to Level 50

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The Lost Ark is a fantastic role-playing game from NCSOFT. But for players just starting, the leveling process can get tedious and difficult to complete. If you've been struggling to get past level 50, this guide is for you! In it, you will be provided with a step-by-step strategy that can take you from level 1 to 50 in a relatively short period--without a lot of frustration.


The Lost Ark Early Beginner

Lost Ark Steam has been officially launched. I believe that many friends have already experienced it. Of course, it is also possible that they are still waiting in line to enter the server. In addition to many old players who have transferred from Korean and Russian servers, many new players are new to Lost Ark for the first time. Lost Ark has a lot of gameplay content, and in the face of so much game content, I believe that many new players Players are at a loss. This article will talk about some knowledge points that novice players need to know in the early stage.

Quickly reach level 50
Currently, level 50 is the whole level in Lost Ark. The first thing a player needs to do after entering the game is to upgrade to level 50. So how to quickly upgrade is a top priority.

At present, if you want to upgrade in Lost Ark quickly, you mainly get upgrade experience by completing various tasks in the game. The main Quests with orange icons, the side tasks with yellow icons, and the emergent tasks with red icons will be given to players—lots of experience.

There is no need to say more about the main quest. Basically, in all MMORPG games, the main quest is a quest line that rewards a lot of LOST ARK Gold. It should be noted that in Lost Ark, don't forget to do the side quests. If you only do the main quest and don't do the side quests, you will probably get stuck at around level 48, so don't forget to do the side quests if you have a handy side quest.

In addition, it should be noted that when the player's level reaches about 40, the icon of the main quest will be converted into a blue earth icon, which indicates that the player will open the navigation function and experience the maps of other countries. The orange icon of the original main quest will be changed to find the artifact quest.

Sudden missions are random missions. When players take risks on the map, they will randomly trigger emergency missions with red icons, such as how many monsters the player must kill in a particular area, etc. Usually, the difficulty of sudden missions is very low. When the player's level reaches level 50, they will learn all the current game skills, which can be regarded as a phased goal.

In addition to the character's level, there is also an account level in Lost Ark. Each account level reaches the corresponding level to provide different attributes to the character. The account level will gradually increase by fighting monsters and doing activities, and it will be natural to upgrade over time.

Equipment enhancement

After the character reaches level 50, players can get a set of relatively good equipment that can be used for a long time. At this time, players can choose to start strengthening this equipment.

Improving your attributes and strengthening equipment are the primary means in the game. The higher the equipment strengthening level, the more complex the game content can be challenged. Players can use the blacksmith in the game to improve their equipment. Strengthening materials can be obtained by brushing copies and dungeons in the game.

In addition, the same equipment is divided into quality, and the higher the quality of the equipment, the better the equipment will be. Don't forget to check the quality of the equipment when acquiring equipment during the game.

In many games, players may be cautious when strengthening equipment, and only those advanced equipment that can be used for a long time will be used for strengthening. There is no such trouble in Lost Ark. In the game, if players get better equipment in the same part, they can use the recycling function in the blacksmith to transfer the enhancement level of the old equipment to the new equipment. This setting can be Said quite conscientious.

Engraving system

Players will unlock the engraving system after reaching the whole level of 50 and completing the main story of Berne. After the player unlocks the corresponding engraving, the player can equip two engravings to obtain the corresponding BUFF. The engraving system is shared by all characters in the account, which can be understood as a passive skill system.

Marks can be obtained by completing weekly dungeons. After completing a dungeon, an engraved book will be dropped. The engraved book can be received randomly. The engraved book is divided into four grades: green, blue, purple, and gold. Using 20 of the exact low-level engraving can be upgraded to a higher-level engraving.

In the marking system, the marking effect of each marking is divided into three levels, and each level corresponds to five points. Among them, different grades will have other engraving points, green is 3 points, blue is 6 points, purple is 9 points, and gold is 12 points. The engraving effect of the current level can only be activated after the five points of each level are filled.

Ability Stone

We mentioned one thing in the engraving system above - the ability stone. Players can obtain some stone-like props during the game, which are ability stones. Each ability stone will randomly have three engraving effects: buffs and a debuff.

After obtaining the ability stone, we need to go to the central city to find NPCs for processing. Like the engraving system, the ability stone can only take effect after ten points are collected.

The processing process of the ability stone is a bit similar to opening a lottery ticket. The upper two buffs show the success rate, and the lower debuff shows the failure rate. We need to make the two buffs light up as many points as possible and the following debuffs to light up the minor points.

The processed ability stone can cooperate with the jewelry to add points to the engraving so that the heaviest engraving can reach 15 points, and the engraving effect of level 3 can be achieved.

Set making

In addition to standard single-piece equipment. The character can be significantly enhanced after collecting the specified number of suit trigger attributes. Players will obtain the corresponding crafting materials after completing the weekly dungeons.

After having the materials, players can go to the main cities worldwide and look for an NPC with a sword icon on the map to make a suit. Of course, after making the suit, don't forget to ask the blacksmith to inherit the enhancement level of the equipment.

This guide is a copy-paste of my in-game experience and what works for me. I tried to make it as enjoyable and informative as possible. The end product is a top-to-bottom guide that will get you from level 1 to 50 with all the tips and tricks you need to get there.

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