The MLB The Show 17 Takes Major Strides

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MLB The Show 17 is a popular baseball franchise that released on March 28 on PlayStation 4. The game delivers the most realistic and personal baseball gaming experience on consoles. It's said that in this year The Show offers exciting gameplay improvements and a greater ability to personalize your baseball experience.



With the sport itself remaining relatively static, it's hard to fault MLB The Show 17 for maintaining its deliberate march toward perfection. MLB The Show 17 does, in fact, take major strides to make the game more authentic and, in turn, more fun. The MLB 17 game has four different versions: Standard Edition, MVP Edition, Hall of Fame Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition. 


Comparing to games like NBA 2K and EA Sports UFC, the graphics for the MLB The Show series have been second tier. Almost everything in MLB the Show 17 is brighter and more layered. The ballparks look great and almost every notable detail has been captured. Even the grass and dirt are rendered with eye-popping authenticity. 


The franchise mode added a new features, the Critical Situations, which simulates the regular parts of the game and puts you in charge for the most important moments. It makes players can control over the scenarios, there's more variety and the situational nature of baseball makes the concept all the more appropriate.


Another addition is the Player Perks feature, which is a system that awards players specialized abilities like NBA 2K badges. There are tons of perks and each one is dynamic. Players can gain and lose them over the course of their careers.


The Retro Mode features the same high-quality graphics from the traditional modes, but you control all of the action with the X-button and the analog stick. Any movement is generated by moving the analog stick left, right, up or down.



This year's Diamond Dynasty added more content, and one of the biggest piece is the 30 new legends. The renders for the new legends are hit and miss, but it's good that Sony allows these players to be used in franchise mode as well.


MLB The Show 17 offers a new narrative overlay of enormously popular "Road to the Show" career mode, "Pave Your Path" where people create players and plot their journeys to the big leagues. It's not as substantial or captivating as the story modes found in the NBA2K series or FIFA 17's "The Journey," but it does add some flavour to what was previously a fairly by-the-numbers affair. Major events in one's career are now, usually, accompanied by some kind of a cinematic, with a narrator explaining the scene.


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MLB The Show 17 Delivers Realistic Baseball Gaming Experience

MLB The Show 17 delivers the most realistic and personal baseball gaming experience on consoles. MLB The Show 17 is improved from last year and added features to make it more realistic and more enjoyable. While all of the other modes in the game have been improved over the years, franchise mode remains the crown jewel of the series. U4GM delivers cheap MLB The Show 17 stubs in full stock and fast delivery.

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