Top 10 Players in MLB The Show 18

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MLB The Show 18 ratings showcase the top players in the game. Here is a breakdown for the rankings for all the other positions: 1B (Joey Votton, 87), 2B (Jose Altuve, 91), SS (Manny Machado, 86), LF (Giancarlo Stanton 85), RF (Bryce Harper, 88), CF (Mike Trout, 93), C (Buster Posey, 87), RP (Kenley Janser, 92).



Top 10 First Basemen

Joey Votto, CIN (87)

Paul Goldschmidt, ARI (86)

Anthony Rizzo, CHC (85)

Freddie Freeman, ATL (85)

Cody Bellinger, LAD (83)

Miguel Cabrera, DET (82)

Eric Hosmer, SD (82)

Jose Abreu, CWS (82)

Ryan Zimmerman, WSH (81)

Justin Smoak, TOR (78)


Top 10 First Basemen


Top 10 Second Basemen

Jose Altuve, HOU (91)

Daniel Murphy, WSH (83)

Brian Dozier, MIN (83)

Dustin Pedroia, BOS (81)

Robinson Cano, SEA (81)

Ian Kinsler, LAA (80)

Jonathan Schoop, BAL (80)

Cesar Hernandez, PHI (78)

Whit Merrifield, KC (78)

D.J. Lemahieu, COL (78)


Top 10 Second Basemen


Top 10 Starting Pitchers

Clayton Kershaw, LAD (92)

Max Scherzer, WSH (90)

Corey Kluber, CLE (89)

Chris Sale, BOS (89)

Stephen Strausburg, WSH (87)

Noah Syndergaard, NYM (86)

Jacob deGrom, NYM (85)

Madison Bumgarner, SF (85)

Carlos Carrasco, CLE (85)

Justin Verlander, HOU (84)


Top 10 Starting Pitchers


Top 10 Relief Pitchers

Kenley Jansen, LAD (92)

Andrew Miller, CLE (91)

Craig Kimbrel, BOS (87)

Aroldis Chapman, NYY (85)

Robert Osiuna, TOR (84)

Ken Giles, HOU (82)

Dellin Betances, NYY (82)

Chad Green, NYY (82)

Brad Hand, SD (81)

Felipe Rivero, PIT (81)


Top 10 Relief Pitchers


Top 10 Left Fielders

Giancarlo Stanton, NYY (85)

Yoenis Cespedes, NYM (84)

J.D. Martinez, BOS (82)

Marcell Dzuna, STL (82)

Christian Yeliich, MIL (82)

Michael Brantley, CLE (81)

Justin Upton, LAA (80)

Michael Conforto, NYM (79)

Andrew Benintendi, BOS (79)

Brett Gardner, NYY (78)


Top 10 Left Fielders


Top 10 Center Fielders

Mike Trout, LAA (93)

Charlie Blackmon, COL (85)

George Springer, HOU (84)

Lorenzon Cain, MIL (82)

Tommy Pham, STL (82)

Kevin Kiermaier, TB (82)

Starling Marte, PIT (81)

Ender Inciarte, ATL (81)

Chris Taylor, LAD (80)

A.J. Pollock, ARI (79)


Top 10 Center Fielders


Top 10 Right Fielders

Bryce Harper, WSH (88)

Mookie Betts, BOS (87)

Aaron Judge, NYY (86)

Nelson Cruz, SEA (81)

Andrew McCutchen, SF (81)

Ryan Braun, MIL (80)

Yasiel Puig, LAD (79)

Josh Reddick, HOU (79)

Avisail Garcia, CWS (79)

Jay Bruce, NYM (76)


Top 10 Right Fielders


Top 10 Shortstops

Manny Machado, BAL (86)

Francisco Lindor, CLE (85)

Carlos Correa, HOU (85)

Corey Seager, LAD (85)

Trea Turner, WSH (82)

Andrelton Simmons, LAA (82)

Did Gregorius, NYY (81)

Xander Bogaerts, BOS (81)

Elvis Andrus, TEX (80)

Jose Reyes, NYM (79)


Top 10 Shortstops


Top 10 Catchers

Buster Posey, SF (87)

Gary Sanchez, NYY (84)

Salvador Perez, KC (83)

Wilson Contreras, CHC (83)

Yadier Molina, STL (81)

J.T. Realmuto, MIA (80)

Kurt Suzuki, ATL (79)

Jonathan Lucroy, OAK (79)

Brian McCann, HOU (78)

Wilson Ramos, TB (78)


Top 10 Catchers

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