WOW Classic Mage Quick Leveling Guide

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This is a long-form graphic record of WOW Classic's Mage Daguai upgrade method, including the entire route and talent analysis. There are also some essentials to upgrade the monsters and share the experience, which is very valuable. Send it to everyone to learn, another reminder: Daguai upgrade is very good and can upgrade and can also Farming WOW Classic Gold, but also consider their own actual ability to choose, I suggest that most players still do tasks faster.

Daguai experience:
Blizzard has to drag a few different levels of monsters out,
The process of blaming is to gather monsters - ice ring - run away - two Blizzard - ice ring - run away two Blizzard like this. After the blame 40, there is a horse running a good circle. 40 used a level 1 Frostbolt combination, so that the blame is best to run to you at about the same time.
Many other details need to be accumulated, for example, there is no blame on the ice ring, because there is no delay in slowing down how to deal with it. When brushing high-level blame, you should use the Level 1 Blizzard or the hair dryer to pull out the "energy saving" and then start the top Blizzard, etc., otherwise Blue is definitely not enough. However, I think that energy saving is very late. I want to guarantee that Blizzard can finish it without wasting Blue.

Talented articles:
The first level of the 30-level talent is the first one. It is helpful to strengthen the Frostbolt occasional single killing.
WOW Classic Mage Quick Leveling Guide


If you are killing a blue that is lower than your own level, you can consider the second talent, and it is more suitable for brushing.
However, it is generally preferred to finish 20% of the distance and then go to 15% of the province.
Two talents, the 21st point is the point of Chilled.
After the 40th level, the blame talent is added. After the Frost Shield is finished, continue to add in the ice.
You can click on the Frost crit damage bonus and then strengthen the Cone of Cold, or finish the 15% provincial Blue and then the Frost crit damage bonus.
For the ice brush monster, this frozen crit chance and crit damage bonus a total of 10 points talent is only a little help for the Cone of Cold in AOE, so I will slowly fill them up at the end, different people can Adjust according to your preferences, prefer PVP ice ring double storm, of course, priority

40-50 is a point of Ice talent, maximizing talent utilization.
Wait for you almost 50, wash your talent, Frost 31, Arcane 10,
At this time, energy saving can be completed completely, and the role of Level 1 Blizzard is greatly improved.

Daguai upgrade graphic record articles:
Redridge Mountains Blackrock Soldier around 19-20 In the Uplands next to many Spider lumber yards, Melee will also brush Chest


Redridge Mountains Riverpaw Gnoll has a lot of camps, as long as it guarantees a wave of 4 blame or more than single kill efficiency.

Darkshire's underground Graveyard The two innermost rooms, as long as you find the opportunity to start a wave, there is another point in the Darkshire map is the Worgen Cave. The full Melee is also very high.

Horde Farm in Arathi Highlands No one grabs the words very efficiently, all are Melee

The Murloc at the seaside of Dustwallow Marsh is designed for the blame. A wave on the beach and two waves on the island.


If the player can't grab too much, he goes to Badlands. If you are willing to find it, there are places where you can blame.
Still, a wave of 4 blame is faster than a single kill.


Dustwallow Marsh Raptor Grounds Inadvertently found few people come here at least when I brushed it like this

Not afraid of death, you can come to Gadgetzan to start with Washewer Thief. At this time, Frost Shield has improved the efficiency of the blame.

Just pull the distance and start Blizzard and you are safe.

The angle of view is as far as possible, pay attention to what some pillars will block the ice ring, and you should pay attention to safety when fighting monsters. But the advantage is that the humanoids have a lot of blood bottles, and they can drink if they can't.

Sometimes Horde goes to the Gadgetzan pirate to clear the field, can't find a point, confident to come to the Oozeling hole in The Hinterlands
Anyway, it is still a little hard to play 44. The level is high and there is a better blame. It is not worth coming. The only benefit here is that no one is there.

The most comfortable Daguai point in Western Plaguelands was killed by Horde and also close to Graveyard. Remember to take a Mark of the Dawn and pick up the Scroll of Scourge Magic.

Then the farm in Western Plaguelands


Needless to say, Hearthglen... It’s worth it to brush over 4-5 stable Rich Thorium Vein

Then go to Dire Maul

I used to use the Level 1 Blizzard to gather the blame slowly. Later, I saw someone screaming directly in the refrigerator above, jumping out and not going to die.

At that time, the thousands of Gold horses in this brush, I heard that I had already cut it and had not verified it.

I brushed for a few days and got a thousand Gold horses and never went to Dire Maul again.

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