WOW Classic Paladin Quick Power Leveling Guide

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World of Warcraft is a very classic multiplayer online role-playing game with a classic heroic character that players are familiar with, as well as epic-level story lines and background stories, a huge worldview, and a variety of professional gameplay. A good match experience, this game has been at the peak of the world RPG, many players want to know how the Power Leveling of the WOW Classic Paladin, to see the fastest WOW Classic Power Leveling method of Paladin.


WOW Classic Paladin Quick Power Leveling Guide

WOW Classic Paladin Power Leveling Guides
At WOW Classic, I personally think that Paladin's Power Leveling speed is the slowest in all occupations, although the 40-level Summon Warhorse can solve many problems for him. As everyone knows, in that version, Paladin is obviously only a semi-finished product. In the process of Power Leveling, there is no effective filling spell. Learning "Seal of Command" does not solve the problem fundamentally.
Although Power Leveling is very slow, it is impossible for a normal player to use Paladin to impact the first full level of WOW Classic, and the process of Power Leveling is extremely boring, but the safety of Paladin Power Leveling is still very secure, except for Healer ability. Invulnerability is also a reliable card, and various types of Blessing also make Paladin a teammate that others are happy to see.
Finally, the WOW Classic only has Paladin in the league, and the optional races are Dwarven and Human.

Some Power Leveling issues that are widely used
I will mention this part of the Power Leveling strategy for each class, because it applies to every profession, and if you can do it, it will help you with your Power Leveling.

1. Since the design of the task in WOW Classic is not as "humanized" in "Azerothian", the task you received may be in many places, it is difficult to appear in one place, and it needs to be experienced on the road. The time, plus the EXP required for Leveling has not been cut, the EXP given by the mission is not as rich as you have been in the past few years, so many times the task of clearing a region is not enough for you. The level reaches the threshold for entering the next area. In order to maximize the earning of EXP, try to kill monsters along the way that are not too far away from you.

2. When you kill monsters with lower ranks (green and gray), the EXP value you get will be significantly attenuated, but at the same time the kill level is significantly higher than your monster (level 3 and above) The difficulty is also very large, because your attack and skill hit rate will be greatly reduced.

3. Since WOW Classic's missions often require players to experience “long journeys”, it is especially important to get started in the first time after reaching level 40, which can greatly reduce your time. In addition to the need for multiple ways Earn WOW Classic Gold, the savings are also essential. There are a lot of "Making WOW Classic Gold" about WOW Classic. I won't go into details here. For the "savings", you can actually give up studying for a while. Some less frequently used skills, such as "Mind Vision", can be postponed, and Severed Night Elf's Priest race skills are also very useful, and you can even give up learning.

4. Finally, because WOW Classic's Power Leveling process is long and arduous, you should take the initiative to socialize with the passing players. It is best to be friends with them, because if you have 2-3 Power Leveling teams, you can not only Make the task process safer and more efficient, and have the ability to chat with your companions to make you less boring.

Where Fast WOW Classic Paladin Leveling

The 1~20 level is not too fast, you can use the Seal of the Crusader Judgement and then use the Seal of Righteousness to play. The tasks are basically simple and easy to find. Talent plus Mocking, plus Strength or Benediction casually, plus Benediction can be more Judgement several times, adding the Strength effect is not very obvious. At the 20th level, the Mocking Department's Seal of Command was added, and Leveling relied on him. Paladin Leveling does not recommend farm monsters, because it is too slow, or the task, it follows the mission of the Terran. Basically, it is already around 28 when it comes to Duskwood. During this period, it is best to team up to complete the Paladin Class task because of the same level. No better Maces.

Levels 28 to 30 can be done in Duskwood or farm Forsaken. After all, Paladin is playing Forsaken very quickly. You can go directly to Menethil Harbor and South Seas, Arathi's Refuge Pointe according to your own level. The tasks you can do are as much as possible, and the elite mission is completely unnecessary. Talent still continues Mocking, Parry, crit talent must be added, the other look at it, too much value, after all, you are not qualified to think about PK, Raid.

The tasks in the above locations are almost the same, how is the 35th level, brush Scarlet, although far, but this stage is the best leveling location, because there is no interference, equipment, Gold is also fast. Brush to level 38 or brush to level 40 to see your patience. For Paladin, you can wear it almost, but the weapon must be good. If the roll is not a good weapon, go to the Auction House. You don’t have to buy a horse anyway. Also saved Gold to buy weapons.

There are two choices around level 40, one is to brush Scourge of the Downs, the other is to go to Stranglethorn Vale to do the task, a safe and boring, a Dungeons but if there is no choice of individuals, no problem, just put the stage 40~43 If you support it, you will have a lot to do.

After level 43 to go to Gadgetzan to do the task, The Hinterlands also has several tasks, not many. Talent, Mocking added, I don't recommend Holy, if you are solo strange, the role of Holy is small, if you want to team up, as long as there is another Healing, you can not take care of Holy, but if As far as you are a Healing, you can't do the same with Holy 31. Add Protection, and you can just add it.

After the 45th level, I have the opportunity to go to ZUL, or to do the Badlands and Uldaman missions, but compared to Gadgetzan, I think Badlands is more WOW Classic Dungeons . Mixing 50 is a turning point. At this time, the farm has three choices. The main Mocking comes with Holy, the Mage brush Sorrow Hill's Forsaken, or the main Holy attached Protection itself with Consecration, or the main Protection Aftermath attached Mocking. 4 blame, then the mission and Dungeons, zul, Maraudon, Sunken Temple, all the missions are completed, each Dungeons complete 3~5 times, must go to level 55, then go to Searing Gorge, all non-elite missions get at least 56, then there is nothing too good, but it is the mission of several high-level locations and Dungeons. After 60, the talent is either the main Mocking attached to the Holy, or the main Holy attached Mocking, but my choice is the Alternative of the main Protection with Mocking, in order to have an absolute advantage for certain occupations.

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