EverQuest Beginner's Tips And Trick For Starting

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Welcome to the world of EverQuest, a massively multiplayer heroic fantasy role-playing game in 3D. Be ready to penetrate a gigantic virtual environment - a whole world with its own species, economic systems, alliances, politics. Choose from a variety of races and classes, and begin your quest in one of many cities or villages across several continents. From there, equip yourself for adventure, go in search of allies and knowledge, and discover a rich universe of dungeons, towers, crypts, cursed abbeys - all that is conceivable - and even plans and realities beyond your imagination. Learn skills, gain experience, discover treasures, meet friends, and battle enemies. A multitude of quests and adventures await you, all you have to do is choose your role and your destiny.



A small collection of old tips and tricks for EverQuest without the expansions. When you see an NPC deliver a phrase in brackets ([like this]) you need to repeat that phrase to get more information. Remember to put a question mark at the end of whatever you say; otherwise the NPC won’t continue. 


There are quests in EQ, tasks, hotzones, missions and LDoNs. You just have to hunt for some of these. If you've never played EQ, let me say leveling is heavily based off of grinding mobs. The game started out, and still can be, more of a group oriented type of MMORPG. You can solo now, easier than ever, especially with the help of mercs, better armor and so on, we'll touch on those topics in a bit.


When you’re first learning the game it's fun to roll up a ranger first; they have the natural advantage of tracking skill which helps them hunt down appropriate prey while leveling up. 


Good Exp for low levels in Qeynos Area: You must be in Qeynos area before attempting this trick and around lvl 2-4. 

Once you reach level 3 go to Qeynos hills and kill Gnolls Gnoll pups Gnoll scouts or Gnoll watchers. There is a slight chance they will drop gnoll fangs. Get 4 (or more) gnoll fangs and take them to the captain of the gaurds that overlooks the arena. Give him 4 teeth at a time. He will give you lots of exp and 4 moonstones. 

Give the moonstones to the bartender in the back of the bar in South Qeynos. He will also give you exp.

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