Several Ways To Get Leveling Up In EverQuest

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Released in 1999, EverQuest marked the history of massively multiplayer RPGs by being the first to draw hundreds of thousands of players into a fully 3D world.


Powerleveling is the most efficient way of leveling, and you can gain hundreds of AA’s and a lot of levels in no time. Being PLed you can get to a very high level and tons of AA’s in a manner of hours. You can also kinda powerlevel yourself up until level 65 with a mercenary.



All classes can powerlevel, but some are better than others. Rangers with Headshot are the best. Classes with heals, buffs and damage shields are also very good. Rangers, Shadowknights, Bards, Clerics and Druids are excellent powerleveling classes.


Character can group with other characters 1.5 times your level. So to group with someone that are level 90, you have to be level 60. Getting to level 60 is very fast though and can be done in a few hours.




Hotzones are zones that give you a substantial increase in experience while hunting in them. The best way to level in Everquest is by using the Hotzones. These are zones that give a substansial bonus to experience while adventuring in this zone. Special augments will also randomly drop in these zones.  And Franklin Teek in the Plane of Knowledge will give you quests to do in the Hotzones.


Bonus Experience


Everquest have quite a few ways to increase experience gain.


Veteran Rewards


Veteran Rewards are skills players gain when their accounts have been active for a long enough period of time. The one year Veteran Reward is by far the best one and will give you DOUBLE XP for 30minutes every 24 hours.


Xp potions


Xp potions can be bought through the SOE store and come in all different types. If you are a gold member with a recurring plan you will get 500 station cash for free every month that you can spend on Xp potions. Xp potions can also be acquired through the Legends of Norrath card game accessible through Everquest. The potions come in most of the sets but not in all of them. Xp potions are also available as rewards from completing scenarios in Legends of Norrath. Scenarios are story driven campaigns where you don’t play against other players. This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to acquire XP potions.

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