Talk To Curtis 'Paps' Poole | He Assesses His Very Own FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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Talk To Curtis

  In this post, you will see the Bundled pro takes us through his FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and in the meantime, you will know the reasons why Kante and Ronaldo do not make the cut. Now let's cut to the chase.

First of all, you need to know that Curtis 'Paps' Poole, in fact, is a professional FIFA player for the Netherlands, based esports organization Bundled, and what's more, he represents Ajax in the eDivisie.

On top of those responsibilities, he also competes during the Weekend League on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

With the very limited spare time he has, Paps told us about his PlayStation team and how he is adapted to FIFA 20 game.

We: Now you have got two great icons in that team, who might be the next Icon if your money was no object?

'Paps': Hmmm...Gullit, I am sure. Cause you know he is the best player in the game, and what's more, he can do everything from defend to attack.

We: Nelson Semedo is only an 82, and my question is do you find he performs much better than his rating suggests?

'Paps': Well, I feel like he performs way better than his rating, he is fast, agile and he is really good on the ball and he has 4-star skills which is, of course, a plus. He fits perfectly for chemistry, too.

We: OK, and now who is your team's MVP?

'Paps': Right now, I have to say it's Eusebio. his 5-star week foot is key and he is just so clutch. In moments you think there is nothing he makes something.

G: Who is your most expensive player?

We: Who is your most expensive player, as in which player you have spent the most FIFA 20 coins

'Paps': About that point, I have to say it's Eusebio. He cost me about 3.4m FUT 20 coins, but guess what, he is worth every penny.

We: Are there any players you tried in this team but then you got rejected?

'Paps': At first I had N'Golo Kante but then I felt like he was too small and for some certain passes he could not get to so I got Paul Pogba.

We: Now you have got some of the highest-rated golds in the game in this team, apart from Cristiano Ronaldo. Is that dow to chemistry or just something else?

'Paps': In order to answer this question, here is a fun fact that you should know about, I actually had Cristiano Ronaldo in my team from the very beginning but as there were no qualifiers and everyone was raving about Lionel Messi I wanted to try him out in the Weekend League and then see what he was about. But, anyway, Cristiano Ronaldo is still my guy.

We: As we know, Eder Militao is quite popular with lots of pros, even though he is not being a high-rated center-back. And my question is why is he in your team?

'Paps': For me, he is similar to Semedo, he is the second-best gold card center-back after Virgil van Dijk. And he is just so fast and agile. And what's more, his recovery is really good too.

We: And we noticed that you play Weekend League on both consoles (PS and Xbox). How do you find that?

'Paps': It is extremely exhausting but for me, I just want to practice and improve. It's a challenge as well.

We: Now you are representing Ajax in the eDivisie, and what if you moved to a club, is Holland your preferred choice or do you have some other teams in mind?

'Paps': I'd really love to play for Ajax and it would be a dream come true. And I have to admit that they are a great club with a lot of amazing fans.

We: How have you found changing from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20?

'Paps': I have to say that I adapted really quickly which is quite surprising as I consider myself a quite slow learner. However, I immediately picked up this game from the day it officially published. You know FIFA 20 was not my style at all, cause it went against everything I knew.

We: A lot of FIFA gamers, especially for those beginners, they often come across various issues when playing FIFA 20, and usually, the biggest one they do not know how to farm FIFA 20 coins, or we should say they do not know how to collect enough FIFA 20 coins. So can you give them some tips?

'Paps': Sure, my suggestion is they really need to see a lot of FIFA 20 basic guides on Youtube or they need to search how to earn FIFA 20 coins fastly. And last but not least, they can go to and then purchase them with very limited expenses.