FIFA 20 Attacking Controls Buttons for PS, Xbox & PC

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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To win a game in FIFA 20 you need to score goals, and to score goals you need to be good at attacking. You need to get familiar with all attacking controls in FIFA 20. Take note that there are two types of controls for attacking in FIFA 20: Simple and Advanced. Go through every single control and memorise which button does what action:

Attacking (Simple)

Short Pass/HeaderXAA"RMB"
Lob Pass/Cross/HeaderXX"s"
Through BallYY"a"
No Touch FeintsR1 + LRB + LRB + L"LShift" + "Mouse Movement"
Chip ShotL1 + ◯LB + BLB + B"LShift" + "LMB"
Finesse ShotR1 + ◯RB + BRB + B"d" + "LMB"
Low Shot/Downward Header Shot◯ + Tap ◯B + Tap BB + Tap B"d" + "LMB"
Fake Shot◯ then X + directionB then A + directionB then A + direction"LMB" then "RMB" + direction
Fake Pass▢ then X + directionX then A + directionX then A + direction"s" then "RMB" + direction
Threaded Through PassR1 + △RB + YRB + Y"d" + "a"

Attacking (Advanced)

Protect BallL2LTLT"w"
Lobbed Through BallL1 + △LB + YLB + Y"Lshift" + "a"
Driven Lob Pass/CrossR1 + ▢RB + XRB + X"d" + "s"
High Lob / CrossL1 + ▢LB + XLB + X"LShift" + "s"
Low Cross▢ + ▢X + XX + X"s" + Tap "s"
Scoop LobL2 + ▢LT + XLT + X"w" + "s"
Call for SupportR1RBRB"d"
Dummy a PassR1 Press and HoldRB Press and HoldRB Press and Hold"d" Press and Hold
CancelL2 + R2LT + RTLT + RT"w" + "RMB"
Flair PassL2 + XLT + ALT + A"w" + "LMB"
Flair ShotL2 + ◯LT + BLT + B"d" + "RMB"
Driven Ground PassR1 + XRB + ARB + A"r" + "Mouse Movement"
Let Ball RunR1 + directionRB + directionRB + direction"d" + "Mouse Movement"
Slow DribbleL1 + LLB + LLB + L"LShift" + "Mouse Movement"


You should be familiar with most of the controls in attack, but there are few little tricks that can help you bang in more goals. 


The threaded through ball (R1 + ▲/RB + Y) is another game changer on FIFA 20, allowing you to put the ball beyond the defence and enabling your attackers to run on to the ball at pace. 


If you are looking to knock the ball around longer or at a quicker pace, using driven ground pass (R1 + X/RB + A) can help you zip the ball between your midfielders and full backs.


Finesse shot and chip shot have become FIFA staples, but mastering the low shot/downward header (O + tap O/B + tap B) is much more tricky. You must power up your shot and then tap shoot again to pull it off, so it may take you some time in arena mode to master it.


Crossing has been updated for FIFA 20, so you must identify which type of delivery is best in different scenarios. If you have men arriving late, use the high cross (L1 + ■ /LB + X) so they have more time to run on to the ball. If your forward is in-line or ahead of the defence, use driven cross (R1 + ■ /RB + X)or ground cross (■+ tap ■ /X + tap X). 


Pass and move + threaded through ball


L1 + X/LB + A will cause your player to pass and move, with the threaded through ball (R1 + ▲/RB + Y) giving your teammate more yards to run onto the ball.


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