FIFA 20 Custom Tactics For Arsenal - the Invincibles

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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Arsenal achieved the truly remarkable feat of going an ENTIRE season of league games, unbeaten. They played a fantastic brand of football with pace, skill and power. Here is how you need to set up your custom tactics sliders if you are looking to play like "The Invincibles", you want to set your side up in the FIFA 20 Formations 4-2-2 (2) formation (you could choose the Formations 4-4-1-1 also if you wanted a slightly defensive version of the set-up). Here U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Teams share FIFA 20 Custom Tactics With Arsenal - the Invincibles for you.


FIFA 20 Custom Tactics For Arsenal - the Invincibles

Build Up Play: Speed – 76; Passing – 50; Positioning – Free form.
This Arsenal team played with so much pace and power which is why we suggest to set your slider to 76. They played a mixture of short and long passes to really hurt the opposition so this is reflected in the 50 setting to keep the passing style, mixed. We tested with the slightly lower setting of 40 but it completely cut out longer options which Arsenal would exploit through the pace of Henry and the clever runs of Pires and Ljungberg. Free form positioning has been chosen as this allow the aforementioned pair to become involved in-field, as they often did. We also found that the player we used in the Bergkamp role would drift and become really hard to the opposition to pick up.


Chance Creation: Passing – 50; Crossing – 48; Shooting – 67; Positioning – Free form.
As above, the passing should be set right in the middle of the option. This will mean that you have plenty of short options to get the sharp passing operating smoothly but also allow the movement and angles needed to play this style as we discussed above. Crossing should be just below halfway, this team did cross, but fairly rarely as they would create more open opportunities in other ways using pace and craft of neat through balls. For shooting, we recommend that you set this fairly high at the 67 mark; this will mean they will look to create lots of edge of the box opportunities but not only this, there will be lots of midfield runners and angles for neat through balls and plenty of options in and around the box.

Defending: Pressure – 34; Aggression – 56; Team width – 68; Cover.
This area was fairly tricky to gauge. To play actually as this great side, you have to combine sitting fairly deep and compact with trying to win the ball back as soon as the opposition approached the Arsenal half. This means going fairly aggressive and pressuring the ball around the halfway at the earliest. We would play cover due to having two average paced CB's. However, their high intelligence and positional sense helped with this aspect of the game. Obviously, if your team has CB's with a bit more pace and agility you can tweak these numbers to get them pushed up a little higher up the pitch.