FIFA 20 Custom Tactics For France Les Bleus - The Famous Double

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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The configuration of this midfield varied depending on the personnel available and the opponents. In 1998 it was mostly 4-3-2-1; by 2002, with the emergence of the great Vieira and Makelele, it was more 4-2-3-1 (today's most famous formation). The French players were superb, Henry and Pires drove the team forward, and the defenders had an unbelievable license to attack. With the combination of Deschamps, Petit, Vieira, and Makelele sitting in front of the defense, the other midfielders were also tucked into midfield. The back four regularly joined the attacks. Lizarazu, of course, made a career out of this and Thuram drove forward in the semi-final to score the only goals (2) of his international career. But even the center-backs would have the license to push forward. Marcel Desailly brought the ball out of defense, and Blanc was equally accomplished in possession. France adjusted their shape in the Final vs. Brazil by shifting Emmanuel Petit into the backline, and yet Petit still marauded on to run forward in stoppage time and grab a third goal which shows the freedom and trust these players had.


FIFA 20 Custom Tactics For France Les Bleus - The Famous Double


France Les Bleus shocked the world with their 3-0 demolition of Brazil in the 1998 WC final, and four years later, they had become recognized as one of the most significant international teams that many people had seen in the past two decades. Here is how you need to set up your custom tactics sliders if you are looking to play like this high French side. If you want to set your team up in the 1998 style then a 4-3-2-1 formation is most suitable, if you're going to edge towards the 2000-02 side, then it's 4-2-3-1.

Build Up Play: Speed – 41; Passing – 41; Positioning – Organised.
These tactics are to play like the 2000 side but either way, the slider settings for these won't vary much as it was more of a slight tweak to the formation, rather than a style of play. This French side had many excellent technicians and would mostly play shorter passes than long, so this reflects on the 41 in passing and speed. The brilliant full-backs Thuram and Lizarazu would join the attacks (especially in the 98, more narrow set-up) but with your passing bar too low, they will not make these runs (see below passing settings also). Organized positioning is needed to play as this French side did as they were very well disciplined. 

Chance Creation: Passing – 48; Crossing – 32; Shooting – 51; Positioning – Organised.
This site, as U4GM mentioned above, had lots of technical masters on the pitch. This meant they could mix up their passing style, and this is reflected in the settings, you should set it in the middle of the slider settings at 48. This will mean that you have plenty of short options to get the sharp passing operating smoothly but also allow the movement and angles needed to play this style. The crossing should be reasonably low, this team did cross, but it would be quite a rare outcome as they looked to play through the central areas and use the incredible vision and close control of players like Zidane. For shooting, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team recommend that you set this at the 51 marks; this will mean they will look to create the edge of the box opportunities and join in the attacks. Particularly with having one central striker, you must get these runners joining in.

Defending: Pressure – 46; Aggression – 62; Team width – 27; Cover.
As U4GM mentioned by the diagram of the team formation, this team did have a license to join in with attacks, even defenders, as they were all so comfortable in possession of the ball. By setting the pressure to 46 this will mean your defenders and midfielders won't press too high but certainly as soon as the opposition is looking to threaten in your half they will close the ball down, and with 62 aggression this means that your defenders will be allowed to join in (make sure you have defenders who are decent on the ball if you're trying to use this set-up). Finally, the team width. The formations they used are naturally reasonably compact, so by setting this is 27, this will allow your team structure to stay solid and keep a firm base to defend with.