FIFA 20 Custom Tactics For Manchester United - Treble Winners

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Manchester United was so talented and with Sir Alex Ferguson leading them there was no way they wouldn't be winning some form of silverware. To win the treble though, especially considering they were losing in the Champions League Final to Bayern Munich in the 90th minute, is a remarkable feat. The FIFA 4-4-2 Formations often played like a FIFA 4-2-4 Formations, particularly at Old Trafford where they dominated teams from start to finish on the majority of occasions. The beauty of the 4-4-2 is its simplicity. The back four hold a firm, straight line. The two CMs are tasked with protecting the back four and spraying the ball to forwards or wide players. The wingers are tasked with getting balls into the box and worrying full-backs and the forwards are close enough to link together. Perfect if you have two strikers who feed off and complement each other well, as Yorke and Cole did. Perhaps considered as Sir Alex Fergusons greatest ever team, here is how you need to set up your custom tactics sliders if you are looking to play like this Man Utd side. You'll want to set your side up in the FIFA 20 4-2-2 (2) formation. 



FIFA 20 Custom Tactics For Manchester United - Treble Winners

Build Up Play: Speed – 62; Passing – 66; Positioning – Organised.
This team was powerful and played with a temp that many teams just couldn't deal with. You want to be playing a variety of passes in terms of build-up play, so this reflects on the 66 in passing. Don't get us wrong, they could slow the game down once they had secured their 3 points but very often, they would fire out of the blocks and find themselves 2 or 3 goals to the good within the first 30-40 minutes of games. You need to try and replicate this and on FIFA, it is easy to achieve this and it is actually, a very effective way to play by going for it in the first 30 minutes of the game. Organized positioning is needed as they didn't tend to swap positions. The front two did interchange very well with each other but this will still be able to be achieved with two intelligent strikers in your team.

Chance Creation: Passing – 59; Crossing – 72; Shooting – 52; Positioning – Organised.
Passing should be set just above the middle of the slider settings. This will mean that you have plenty of mixed options to get the sharp, fairly quick passing style operating smoothly but also allow the movement and angles needed to play this style. The crossing should be set to the 72 marks, this team did cross lots, they had two of the greatest wide players in the BPL history with two great strikers who thrived on great delivery into the box. For shooting, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team recommend that you set this at the 52 marks; this will mean that your midfield players will look to create the edge of the box opportunities, this team had players who could score from the edge of the box so did look to get in these areas when they could. Positioning should be set to organised.

Defending: Pressure – 61; Aggression – 57; Team width – 52; Cover.
This team was extremely fit and worked so well as a unit. They had a manager in Sir Alex Ferguson who would get the team working so hard. This means that you're going to have to go fairly aggressive and pressuring the ball whilst also keeping the pitch fairly narrow. It will take disciplined pressure and carefully thought out positioning to ensure that the whole team shifts together and this is down to you. You can adapt the above slider settings to help you as much as possible though. U4GM would play cover rather than offside trap due to the fact this team rarely were caught out with the ball over the top and the high intelligence of the center-backs. If you love the rest of this set-up but would prefer the offside option, then you can just change it but to truly play like this side, you need to play cover whilst still trying to squeeze the pitch.

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