FIFA 20 Custom Tactics With AC Milan

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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AC Milan was a great team, here is how you need to set up your custom tactics sliders if you are looking to play like this AC Milan side. The formation you're looking to employ is the 4-3-2-1 formation. You may have to use wide players (for FUT) rather than the CAM positions of Kaka and Rui Costa but these players had the freedom to roam which you can set in your custom tactics. Here U4GM FIFA 20 Coins share FIFA 20 Custom Tactics With AC Milan for you.

FIFA 20 Custom Tactics With AC Milan

Build Up Play: Speed – 42; Passing – 52; Positioning – Free Form.
This side had great ballplayers in the midfield, more so than most of the current modern sides. They could play a patient, possession-based game but they could also utilize the pace and a faster build-up style that suited the pace of Kaka and Shevchenko. If you build your team like this side, with brilliant midfield technicians then you really will be able to play a versatile style of play. We tested these settings an awful lot and by including players in our teams like Pirlo (who is still amazing), Xabi Alonso, Gerrard, Cabaye, and Xavi. The fluidity in midfield you can get using these players is very impressive. Because the passing bar is set just above 50, you'll get players making the runs to find space and you'll also utilize the FB's where Cafu and Maldini would make up for the fairly narrow set-up of this team so bear this in mind when choosing your FB's. Freeform positioning really affects your midfield three and the two behind the main striker and will allow them to interchange. The movement will confuse defenders and leave space for you to exploit.

Chance Creation: Passing – 52; Crossing – 35; Shooting – 62; Positioning – Free form.
Passing can mirror the build-up passing settings. This will mean that you have plenty of those short options to get the sharp passing going as well as some longer options to play like this great side. The crossing should be fair, this team did cross, but quite rare as they didn't have a brave center forward who was a great aerial threat. For shooting, we recommend that you set this at the 62 marks; this will mean they will look to create a fair amount of edge of the box opportunities. This side had lots of players capable of scoring from outside the box so look to utilize this with these settings. Once again positioning should be set to free form.

Defending: Pressure – 43; Aggression – 42; Team width – 25; Cover.
This side had the typical compactness that you would expect from a Serie A team of this era and the formation lends itself to that with being so narrow. This means taking a more passive approach to defending and pressuring the ball once it comes around the halfway line. This will mean giving up possession sometimes but not in crucial areas of the pitch. We would suggest playing the cover due to the style of this teams defense, they had highly intelligent, strong center-backs so this will work great. These settings should get you truly playing like the great AC Milan side.