FIFA 20 Defending Controls Buttons for PS, Xbox & PC

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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Defending is essential for playing a successful game in FIFA 20. You need to get familiar with all Defending controls in FIFA 20.


Change PlayerL1LBLB"LShift"
Tackle/Push or Pull (when chasing)BB"LMB"
Sliding TackleXX"s"
Tackle/Push or Pull/JockeyL2 Hold DownLT Hold DownLT Hold Down"Mouse Movement"
ContainX Press and HoldA Press and HoldA Press and Hold"RMB" Press and Hold
Teammate ContainR1 Press and HoldRB Press and HoldRB Press and Hold"d" Press and Hold
Running JockeyL2 + R2 Hold DownLT + RT Hold DownLT + RT Hold Down"w"
Pull and Hold (when chasing)◯ Press and HoldB Press and HoldB Press and Hold"LMB" Press and Hold
Quick Get Up (after slide tackle)XX"s"
Engage Shielding OpponentL2 + L Towards DribblerLT + L Towards DribblerLT + L Towards Dribbler"w" + "Mouse Movement" Towards Dribbler
Switch Player (Manual)R + directionR + direction  


A common mistake by FIFA players is to push the tackle button too often. You must wait for the opportunity to tackle, so the rest of the time you must use the other available controls in defence. Contain (X/A) will press the attacker, and if you want to double up or mark someone else whilst sending a teammate to the ball, use teammate contain (hold R1/RB). 


If you need to slide tackle, using quick get up (■ /X)will come in handy whether you win the ball or not. When you're defending in wide areas, using jockey (L2/LT) will ensure your player will face up to the attacker, giving you a better chance of nicking the ball or blocking a cross. 



Holding down L2/LT with cause your defender to face up to your opponent in the wide areas.


Getting familiar with FIFA 20 controls is the key. You can find the full controls list in FIFA 20 here at Also, U4gm offers FIFA 20 Defending Guides for Beginner.