Guide: FIFA 20 FUTMAS: Method To Get Marcus Rashford's FUTMAS Promo Card

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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Guide: FIFA 20 FUTMAS: Method To Get Marcus Rashford

  The latest star of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team's FUTMAS promo is Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford. And now, here is how you can get this pretty special edition card on FIFA Ultimate Team 20.

  Right now, the FUTMAS promo in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is already up and running, and they have just launched the most interesting daily SBC yet, with Marcus Rashford, an incredible star from Manchester United given a special FUTMAS promo card, and it looks quite incredible to many FIFA gamers.


  As you know, the FUTMAS promotion is released every year by EA Sports to celebrate Christmas, in the most FIFA way possible. FUTMAS themed Season Objectives, Expect Player SBCs, FUTMAS pack offers, kits and much, much more.


  Usually, players are launched through daily SBCs, and every time with three players launched. 

  What's more, there is also a code that tends to get followed every year, in regards to the date in which the SBC is launched. 

  Usually, it corresponds with the player's national team ranking, the position their club finished last season and also, their shirt number. 

  Right now, EA Sports has confirmed the launch of the Marcus Rashford SBC, and here is how you can acquire his quite incredible FUTMAS card. Interested, keep reading: 

  FUTMAS Promo Card - Player: Marcus Rashford

  In order to get Rashford's 85-rated FUTMAS promo card, which is rated even two higher than his standard rare gold card of 83 overall, there exists a quite special FUTMAS SB that you need to finish. 

  Below is what the in-game stats look like for Marcus Rashford's FUTMAS promo card. 

  You'll have to be quick to get this card though, because this SBC will expire at 6pm tomorrow! (17/12/2019) 

  PLEASE NOTED: You will have to be very quick to get this card, because this SBC will EXPIRE AT 6 PM TODAY (17th, December 2019)!  

  Here are the Requirements That The Marcus Rashford FUTMAS Promo SBC needs

  Premier League

  ①IF (In-Form) + OTW (One To Watch) Players: Minimum 1 
  ②Number Of Players In The Squad: 11 
  ③Number Of Players From Premier League: Minimum 2 
  ④Squad Rating: Minimum 84 
  ⑤Team Chemistry: Minimum 75 


  ①Number Of Players From England: Minimum 1 
  ②Number Of Players In The Squad: 11 
  ③Squad Rating: Minimum 85 
  ④Team Chemistry: Minimum 70 

  About 86-Rated Squad:  

  ①Number Of Players In The Squad: 11 
  ②Squad Rating: Minimum 86 
  ③Team Chemistry: Minimum 65 

  According to what FUTBIN says, this SBC is charging about 250,000 FIFA 20 coins at the moment, therefore, it's quite costly. 

  However, considering the card's attribute, it could be pretty worth it. 

  What? You do not know how to earn massive FIFA 20 coins and also do not want to spend too much time earning coins, and you just want to know where to buy cheap and legit FIFA 20 coins? Well, I have to admit, it's quite needy, but we still can work that out for you, check this website and you will notice it's quite useful, trust me. 

  Anyway, what do you think about this FIFAMAS Marcus Rashford promo? 

  And which players do you think that we will see in the daily SBCs?

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