FIFA 20 Goalkeeper Controls Buttons for PS, Xbox & PC

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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Knowing how to use your goalkeeper can get you out of a hole at the back, with timing your charge the vital component. If you're feeling brave, you can manually switch to GK (touch pad/'view' button) but judging when to dive is very difficult. As for crosses, if the ball is likely to go over the 'keeper's head, use cover far post (hold R3/click + hold R stick).

To quick-start counter-attacks with your goalkeeper, use driven throw (R1 + X/RB + A) and driven kick (R1 + ■ /RB + X), and if you use them right you can quickly play the ball into space.

Use driven kick (R1 + ■ /RB + X) to spread the play quickly, so look at the radar to hit players in space.


Drop KickOn D-Pad: UP then UPB or XB or X"LMB" or "s"
Charge/Drop BallYY"a"
Pick Up BallR1RBRB"d"
Switch to GKPress Track Pad (PS4) / Select Button (PS3)Press Track Pad (PS4) / Select Button (PS3)Press Track Pad (PS4) / Select Button (PS3)"f"
Driven ThrowR1 + XRB + ARB + A"d" + "RMB"
Driven KickR1 + ▢RB + XRB + X"d" + "s"
GK Cover Far PostR3 Press and HoldR3 Press and HoldR3 Press and Hold"t" Press and Hold

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