FIFA 20 Guide: Method To Finish The Flashback Wayne Rooney SBC (Squad Building Challenge)

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How To Finish The Flashback Wayne Rooney Squad Building Challenge

  FIFA 20 latest news, Wayne Rooney just received a Flashback FIFA Ultimate Team item for the second year in a row.

  FIFA 20's Wayne Rooney is a quite new Flashback Squad Building Challenge (SBC) launched Sunday during the promotion of Shapeshifters.

  As you know, FIFA 20 Shapeshifters, the current FIFA Ultimate Team promotion, incorporates position changed players into the game opening up squad building possibilities. Just as per usual, the publisher EA SPORTS launches SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) during the promotion to seduce players to finish them.

  Now the most recent SBC is a Flashback Wayne Rooney. What's more, this is the second year in a row Wayne Rooney's received a Flashback item. Wayne Rooney was launched a day after the Player Moments Sergio Ramos.

  Complete The Flashback Wayne Rooney SBC In Twitter

  FIFA 20 Guide: Method To Finish The Flashback Wayne Rooney SBC (Squad Building Challenge)

  And now, here's how to Finish The Flashback Wayne Rooney SBC (Squad Building Challenge):

  The very first one: SEGMENT 1:

  Number Of Players From Manchester United: Minimum 1
  Number Of Players In The Squad: 11
  Squad Rating: 84
  Team Chemistry: 80

  And the REWARD is:

  Small Prime Gold Players Pack

  The second one: SEGMENT 2:

  Number Of Players From England: Minimum 1
  Number Of Players In The Squad: 11
  Squad Rating: 85
  Team Chemistry: 75

  And the REWARD is:

  Prime Electrum Players Pack

  The third one: SEGMENT 3:

  Number Of Players In The Squad: 11
  Squad Rating: 86
  Team Chemistry: 70

  And the REWARD is:

  Rare Mixed Players Pack

  Flashback Wayne Rooney SBC now is coming in about 230,000 FIFA 20 coins to complete from scratch. Outside of English links, it will be very difficult to get this card on full chemistry because of being in the EFL (English Football League) Championship.

  Anyway, for Manchester United fans, this might be a must-complete SBC (Squad Building Challenge). Flashback Rooney expires on March 8, 2020, at 1 p.m. ET.

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