FIFA 20 PC Requires only i3+GTX660

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EA announced the PC configuration requirements for the new FIFA 20, players only need i3-2100 + GTX 660 graphics card to play the game, the recommended configuration is i3-6300T + GTX 670 graphics card, considering the realistic picture effect of this, this configuration It can be said that it is very close to the people, and the hard disk space needs about 50 GB.


FIFA 20 PC Requires only i3+GTX660

Minimum configuration:

Operating system: 64-bit, Win 7 | Win 8.1 | Win 10

Processor: Intel i3-2100 | AMD Phenom II X4 965

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 | AMD Radeon HD 7850

Memory: 8 GB

Online connection requirements: speed 512 Kbps and above

Hard disk capacity: 50 GB free space

Recommended configuration:

Operating system: 64-bit, Win 10

Processor: Intel i3-6300T | AMD Athlon X4 870K

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 | AMD Radeon R9 270X

Memory: 8 GB

Online connection requirements: broadband connection

Hard disk capacity: 50 GB free space

FIFA 20 will be released on September 27, landing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The FIFA 20 Legend will be available on the Nintendo Switch on September 27.

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