FIFA 20 Penalties Controls Buttons for PS, Xbox & PC

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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So if you remember in our other penalty tutorial we showed you about the kick takers head moving from side to side. Well if you're up against a great player then he'll most probably be looking out for this as well so what you can do is look one way and then plant your shot in the opposite corner.

Even looking directly down the centre of the goal and then picking either side is a decent tactic to have. However, there's a way to prevent the opposition from seeing where your player is looking and it involves simply moving the right analog stick and placing your penalty taker in the middle of the spot.

You will now not be giving away anything to the goalkeeper and you will have the advantage. Another neat trick is to not power up your shot as this will result in your player shooting in the top corners and that is mostly where the keepers prefer to dive. Instead try low power and place your shots in the bottom corners of the goal as the goalies will have to move their right stick diagonally to make the saves.

Even using finesse shots are possible by simply holding down the RB/R1 button and then the shoot button. To do the panenka penalty where you lob the keeper you just have to hold down the LB/L1 button and shoot.


AimLLL"Mouse Movement"
Adjust Start PositionRRR"Mouse Movement"
Select Kick TakerR2RTRT"LControl"
Apply Kick PowerBB"LMB"
Finesse ShotR1 + ◯RB + BRB + B"d" + "LMB"
Chip ShotL1 + ◯LB + BLB + B"LShift" + "LMB"
Goalkeeper DiveR + directionR + directionR + direction 
Goalkeeper Move Side to SideL + directionL + directionL + direction"Mouse Movement"


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