Now FIFA 20 Team Of The Week (Week 12) | All Players In The Twelfth Team Of The Week From 4th November 2019

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Time: 2023-02-13
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  This post is mainly about all players in the FIFA 20 Team Of The Week (TOTW) 12.

  FIFA 20 Team Of The Week has officially arrived, with the twelfth Team Of The Week announcement now live. And in fact, it is not the same as we predicted, check here is the prediction of FIFA 20 TOTW 12. Want to know more, check this out.

  Just as usual, the cards featured in the latest Team of the Week (TOTW) are officially available in packs from Wednesday, 4th December at 9 pm UK time, where they will be available for seven days before the next Team Of The Week (TOTM) officially comes into play.

  FIFA 20 Team Of The Week (TOTW) 12: Here are all players in the twelfth Team Of The Week initiating from 4th December 2019.

  Below is our full rundown of the player cards you can get your hands on in Team Of The Week 12. Keep in mind there is a full starting 11 teams available, plus seven subs and five reserves, rounding out the full set of 23. And this time, you should know Van Dijk dominates, with an improvement on his already monstrous card, while there is an also unusual Right Midfield (abbreviated as RM) option for fans of Nabil Fekir.

  Here is the image for you to check out more clearly:

  All players in the FIFA 20 Team Of The Week (TOTW) 12

  Here Is FIFA 20 TOTW (Team Of The Week) 12: Starting XI

  Position: Goalkeeper (GK) Name: Cillessen Rating: 85 Club: Valencia
  Position: Center-back (CB) Name: Van Dijk Rating: 91 Club: Liverpool
  Position: Right-Back (Full-Back) (RB) Name: Carvajal Rating: 86 Club: Real Madrid
  Position: Right-Back (Full-Back) (RB) Name: Bender Rating: 83 Club: Bayer Leverkusen
  Position: Centre Attacking Midfield (CAM) Name: Alli Rating: 86 Club: Tottenham Hotspur
  Position: Right Midfield (RM) Name: Fekir Rating: 86 Club: Real Betis
  Position: Center Midfield (CM) Name: Odegaard Rating: 82 Club: Real Sociedad
  Position: Left Midfield (LM) Name: Fischer Rating: 82 Club: Copenhagen
  Position: Striker (ST) Name: Arnautovic Rating:84 Club: Shanghai SIPG
  Position: Striker (ST) Name: Immobile Rating: 88 Club: Lazio
  Position: Striker (ST) Name: Mitrovic Rating: 84 Club: Fulham

  Here Is FIFA 20 TOTW (Team Of The Week) 12: Substitutes

  Position: Goalkeeper (GK) Name: Costil Rating: 83 Club: Bordeaux
  Position: Center-Back (CB) Name: Da Silva Rating: 82 Club: Stade Rennais
  Position: Centre Midfield (CM) Name: Pasalic Rating: 81 Club: Atalanta
  Position: Centre Midfield (CM) Name: Shelvey Rating: Club: Newcastle United
  Position: Right Winger (RW) Name: Cornet Rating: 81 Club: Lyon
  Position: Right Winger (RW) Name: Pabón Rating: 81 Club: Monterrey
  Position: Striker (ST) Name: Embolo Rating: 81 Club: Borussia Mönchengladbach

  Here Is FIFA 20 TOTW (Team Of The Week) 12: Reserves

  Position: Centre Attacking Midfield (CAM) Name: Brustad Rating: 74 Club: Mjøndalen
  Position: Centre Midfield (CM) Name: Dasilva Rating: 75 Club: Bristol City
  Position: Centre Midfield (CM) Name: Son Jun Ho Rating: 78 Club: Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors
  Position: Left midfield (LM) Name: Djalma Rating: 79 Club: Alanyaspor
  Position: Right Midfield (RW) Name: Lang Rating: 76 Club: Ajax

  There is a lot for our list of FIFA 20 TOTW (Team Of The Week) 12 players! And once again, here is your reminder that these above players featured are only available in packs for the next week, and only lasts one week, after which you will only be able to get them on the transfer market (and keep in mind that will cost you a lot of FIFA 20 coins) as they will be out of packs very quickly and therefore in very short supply on the market itself after a week. Good luck trying to get past that Van Dijk!

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