News: FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The Eight Best GK (Goalkeepers) For Under 50K Coins

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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News: FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The Eight Best GK (Goalkeepers) For Under 50K Coins

  Now here are some of the best goalkeepers you can get on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team for the cheapest price.

  If you just cannot rely on your goalkeeper to consistently pull off some amazing saves, then you are likely to concede a lot of goals on FIFA 20 game.

  On that note, here is a list of quality shot-stoppers, and you should know that all of whom will be able to help you keep clean sheets on Ultimate Team.


  Please Note That All Goalkeepers Are Just Listed In Alphabetical Order:

  The very first one is: Alphonse Areola

  First of all, let's see how much does he cost?

  Price: 2K coins.

  If you are a FIFA veteran, then you should know that on every iteration of FIFA, there is always at least one incredibly overpowered goalkeeper with a quite low overall rating.

  You might still have an impression that back on FIFA 17, it was Jack Butland, and on FIFA 18, it was Asmir Begovic, on FIFA 19, it was Kepa, and now, on FIFA 20, that mantle has been passed on to Real Madrid's Alphonse Areola.

  Standing at 6'6'' Alphonse Areola is one of the tallest goalkeepers on the game and also boasts of the saves with feet trait which makes him adept at stopping low driven shots from going in.

  For a measly 2K FUT 20 coins you would be getting one of the most overpowered players on FIFA 20.

  The second one is: David De Gea

  First of all, let's see how much does he cost?

  Price: 30K coins.

  Unfortunately, De Gea's performances for Manchester United last season saw him receive a downgrade on FIFA 20, But, the fact is, he still remains the best FUT goalkeeper in the Premier League by a mile, which is mainly thanks to his saves with feet trait along with his insane reflexes.

  De Gea's FUT item boasts of 90 diving, 92 reflexes, and 85 positioning, all of these make a brilliant combination of highly-rated stats which let him perform efficiently in goal.

  And now, if you are running a Premier League back-line, then you should know that De Gea is a must-have in goal, right?

  The third one is: Gianluigi Donnarumma

  First of all, let's see how much does he cost?

  Price: 8K coins.

  After receiving a rating upgrade on FIFA 20, AC Milan's Gianluigi Donnarumma has proven to be one of the most consistent goalkeepers on FIFA Ultimate Team.

  This 20 years old player has a knack for making acrobatic saves, cause he is able to reach into the top corner mainly thanks to his height 6'5'' and his incredible diving ability rating 90.

  For just 8K FIFA 20 Ultimate Team coins, you should know that Donnarumma is an absolute steal.

  The fourth one is: Manuel Neuer

  First of all, let's see how much does he cost?

  Price: 21K coins.

  Even though receiving a downgrade on FIFA 20, fortunately, Bayern Munich's Manuel Neuer still keeps the Ultimate ball-playing goalkeeper on FIFA, and that is mainly thanks to his 4-star weak foot and his ability to take accurate goal kicks which is rated 91.

  Manuel Neuer plays like a sweeper-keeper in-game, because he usually comes for crosses and rushes out of his line to clear the ball whenever the need arises.

  This Germany international is totally one of the best goalkeepers you can sign on FIFA 20 game.

  The fifth one is: Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

  First of all, let's see how much does he cost?

  Price: 46K coins.

  Let me offer you a statement, and that is Ter Stegen is the second-highest rated non-icon goalkeeper throughout the entire game (rated 90).

  Just like his countryman Manuel Neuer, Ter Stegen is also good at passing the ball about, but, in the meantime, to some extent, he is unlike Manuel Neuer, and what I am trying to say is, he is not a sweeper keeper.

  Ter Stegen has the saves with feet trait, though, which helps him stand out from most goalkeepers on the game, because he is able to save low driven shots more consistently than some other goalkeepers thanks to the trait.

  At 46K coins, Ter Stegen is one of the most expensive goalkeepers on FIFA Ultimate Team, but, we have to face the fact that he's worth every penny.

  The sixth one is: Samir Handanovic

  First of all, let's see how much does he cost?

  Price: 18K coins

  He is one of the highest-rated goalkeepers throughout the entire game, Samir Handanovic is one goalkeeper that you absolutely do not want to face on Ultimate Team.

  This Slovenia international stands at 6'4'' and thus offering him a great reach between the sticks.

  Samir Handanovic's reflex is rated 89 as well as his positioning rating, and that lets him efficiently position himself relative to the ball's movements.

  Just like Szcezesny, Samir Handanovic's ability to take goal kicks, in fact, is also quite average, therefore, you'd do well to apply a shield chemistry style on his own card.

  Alternatively, you also can opt to take a much shorter goal kicks in a bid to minimize the possibility of an error.

  The seventh one is: Thibaut Courtois

  First of all, let's see how much does he cost?

  Price: 19K coins.

  Thibaut Courtois, he became a popular goalkeeper in Real Madrid back on FIFA 19 thanks to his incredible reach in goal, as he was able to use his 6'6" frame together with his reflexes to stop shots from going into the back of the net.

  You should aware that Thibaut Courtois on FIFA 20 might not be as good as he was back on FIFA 19, but, he still remains one of the best goalkeepers on the game as exemplified by his use in online qualifiers by some professional FIFA players.

  The eighth one is: Wojciech Szczesny

  First of all, let's see how much does he cost?

  Price: 12K coins.

  Juventus', or we should say in a more precise way "Piemonte Calcio's", number one, and you should know that he was an amazing goalkeeper back on FIFA 19, and it seems that he has retained his shot-stopping abilities on FIFA 20.

  With 85 diving, and 88 reflexes, you should know that Szczesny has the ability to stop first-time shots and headers that happen in and about the 18-yard-area.

  The major weakness of Szczesny on FIFA 20 is his ability to take goal kicks as it is rated 73, but with a shield chemistry style, you'd be able to offer his goal kick stat a decent boost and then get it up to 88.