FIFA Formations Tips for 4-3-3 False Nine

Game: FIFA 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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The FIFA 20 Formations 4-3-3 False Nine has been utilized by Spain, Germany, Barcelona, Liverpool and Chelsea in current years, with all the method not using a conventional striker. Cesc Fabregas, Mario Gotze, Lionel Messi, Roberto Firmino and Eden Hazard have all operated inside the false 9 for their respective sides, and also the absolute key within this formation is movement. The center forward can drop deep to enable the midfielders to run beyond him (feel Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane at Liverpool), or he can interchange with the two wingers to unsettle the defense. To obtain him to drop deep, adjust his attacking runs instruction to False 9, and for fluidity, change both build-up play and chance creation positioning to free kind.


FIFA Formations Tips for 4-3-3 False Nine

FIFA Expert's recommended work rates:
Right Back – Medium Attacking / High Defensive
Left Back – Medium Attacking / High Defensive
Right CB – Low Attacking / High Defensive
Left CB – Low Attacking / High Defensive
CDM – Low Attacking / High Defensive
Right C Mid – High Attacking / Medium Defensive
Left C Mid – High Attacking / Medium Defensive
CAM/CF – High Attacking / Low Defensive
Right Winger – High Attacking / Low Defensive
Left Winger - High Attacking / Low Defensive

Strengths: The FIFA 20 Formations 4-3-3 (5) is the least of our favorite versions of the various 4-3-3's you can choose as a default set-up (although they are all very similar). The 4-3-3's are one of the most famous formations, and this is understandable for a few reasons. It allows you to mix up your passing style with short passing in the middle as well as the option to hit the wings with more extended passing. The two wingers provide plenty of widths so crossing opportunities will be plentiful and a big reason for its popularity - it's an excellent formation for counter-attacking but if any of the 4-3-3 formations suits build-up play, it's this one with the CF/CAM. 

Weaknesses: The main weakness is the Wide areas around midfield for this formation. Because you have a CAM/CF in there, this creates a diamond-like the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow formation which also is a weak formation down the flanks. 5-3-2 or the 3-5-2 can cause you problems if you face them with this formation.

Key player/position: Your two wingers. In this set-up, it is vital that you choose your wide men wisely. They need to have pace, be comfortable on the ball, excellent dribbling and crossing stats as well as able to score a goal. Having wingers whose healthy foot is on the opposite side is advisable to give you the option to go both ways. E.g. Hazard, right-footed, LW. Choose these players wisely and build your team around them as well as your CF. They will be required to link up play and be a pivotal point of your attacks.

Most suited style of play: Wide areas are a crucial part of the success criteria for this formation. Again, focus play initially through the central areas before distributing to wider players. Also suits a counter-attacking style of play as well as patient build-up due to the flexibility of your CF/CAM.