FIFA 22 Early Access Trading Guide (Easy Make Coins)

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This guide aims to introduce individuals to the fundamentals of early access trading (before the possibility of physically playing the game). Although information within is specifically oriented towards early access trading, the methods can be applied throughout the entirety of FIFA 22 (and future titles).


Most importantly, disregard your feelings towards profit margins. During early access, you must be content with small profits (there are limited coins in circulation, therefore the overall buying power within the community is incredibly limited一people are less likely to overpay or buy cards they simply don't need for a specific purpose). Profits of 100-200/PAT should be considered great gains and should not discourage you from continuing on your journey to your first 1m, 10m, 100m!


When trading, specifically mass bidding, you may find yourself a filter that is a pure goldmine! In the rare instance this occurs, and you find yourself exceeding the ability to stockpile these cards, below is a method explaining how to go "unassigned" while maintaining the ability to open packs (as you will be opening plenty as you complete SBCs).


It is important to note, this method will only enable you to see the most recent 100 cards bid on, although with 200 total spaces including the transfer list - it is safe to assume this will be more than enough space.


FIFA 22 Early Access Trading Guide (Easy Make Coins)


Unassigned during "Early Access":


1. Open your companion/web app, let it load and touch nothing!

2. Immediately go into your active squad, from the page that loads.

3. Choose a position > Search on Transfer Market > Enter your player/filter and bid away

(bench/reserves works best, as you don t need to clear the default position every time) 

4. Bid your FIFA 22 cycle (20 max)

5. After you bid a cycle of 20, you are unable to go to the next page.

6. Press back, so you are immediately back to your active squad' s page and repeat steps 3/4.

7. You will only be able to bid on 50x cards total (cycle 1 = 20, cycle2= 20, cycle 3 = 10).

8. Once you hit your"transfer target limit", you can close your app and repeat the whole process for a new 50x max bid cycle (20,20,10). You can perform this repeatedly.


First things first:


When you first create your club, you must choose a nationality, badge and kit (home + away). Each selection holds much greater value than you may realise一so consider selections carefully:


· Kits/badges from Popular teams will accrue 500+ FIFA 22 coins or more in some scenarios.

· Your starting nation will dictate your first SBC's you complete.


When you must recruit a LOAN player, do not replace a player from your chosen nation. You will start with 11 players from your chosen nation (in mixed positions) - you want to keep as many of these as possible - so replace your least desirable player (off- league/off nation). Replacing the wrong player can set you back up to 2,000+ FIFA 22 coins in some circumstances.


Preparing your research:


This is the most vital part of trading, full stop. Research will enable you to understand why you are trading certain cards and allow you to obtain better judgement on their demand and subsequently their price potential.


· Comb through the player -database when released. Generally, through FUTWIZ, or FUTW ATCH. However, I do believe @ KingL angpard will also be releasing the database.

· Using the database, we want to identify the "meta players" and potential solutions to SBCs in order to give us the luxury of time to beat the herd. (I will potentially dive into meta-investing in a later guide, but this is yet to be determined)

· Primarily, we want to identify solutions: Often we are presented with complex SBC' S to complete, with very limited solutions. Identifying a solution early not only enables you to complete these SBC' s for as close to discard price as possible - it also opens the door for you to make short-term investments (this can significantly boost your starting bankroll).


- Although we do not know the SBC' s, using previous years SBC'S as a guide will help to create a short-list.

- There is speculation that there will be no advanced SBC's this year. I do not believe this to be true personally, but I have seen/heard nothing but speculation due to their exclusion in the beta.

- There is no risk to creating a shortlist - if the SBC is not there, you disregard your research on that specific area. You won't buy them if they're not needed, right?


What should I research?


There is no strict rule to research. Exploring everything you think of will reap benefits!

My advice to beginner- intermediate traders starting out their research are as follows:


· Top 9 nations (try to create a mock-squad with as many leagues as possible, using a singular nation)

· Top 5 leagues (same ideology as above, except focus on varying nations)


- While you are there, identify positions that are scarce (for future league SBC' s), a simple club stock at discard will yield some phenomenal ROI%.


There are 3-4 other main methods, but these are quite advanced and will be strictly shared within the LEVEL'D UP Discord.


Completing SBCS:


During FIFA 21, 2x Advanced SBCS were by far the most beneficial to complete early, creating large bankrolls from lucky pulls, and providing valuable club stock to continue the SBC-completion process - Around the world (Hybrid Nations) and First XI (Hybrid Leagues).


· Both rewards were tradeable (Rare Player Pack)

· Both rewards were strictly players


- These rewards provided flexibility for completing further SBC' s, whilst being tradeable if they couldn't be used in SBCs.


Although there is no set order to complete SBCS一it is important to focus on packs that provide players as a reward, as you can not submit consumables into an SBC (Please make me a liar EA, I won' t even be mad).


It is more feasible to complete an SBC for an"electrum players pack "than it is for a"mega pack" for the sole purpose of SBC completion. This is a personal preference that logically makes the most sense to myself - but logic and pack luck are two sides of a FIFA 22 coins.


In addition to focusing on player oriented packs, you want prioritise tradeable rewards - as these can be sold for profit. Below is a good rule of thumb when prioritising the order of completion: 


- Tradeable Player Packs > Tradeable (general) > Untradeable players > Untradeable (genera)


Consumable trading:


What to look for: Rarity and Usability


· "Rare" cards will have more supply than commons. During the first 2 weeks, commons will be over-supplied and overlooked. This creates a prime opportunity to flip cards such as CDM-CM. Some modifiers can accrue up to 500 profitcard! (This is huge, especially during early access!)

· League modifiers will also be heavily overlooked. They don't immediately jump to "traders" minds, and therefore remain relatively untouched. Aim for the top 5 leagues, generally 3/5 leagues will accrue more reliable/effective profits (Price check and monitor before you act)


*Special note*

In the past, gold rare managers maintained a discard price of 256. Gaining these cards @250 and below, allowed immediate discard profit. Though this is not confirmed, it is worth noting, and monitoring.


Scalping Profits:


Scalping in essence, is flipping a card for a quick, minimal profit. As you flip cards quickly, transfer space becomes irrelevant. This method is most viable as your transfer list starts to fill up.

What to scalp?


· Chemistry modified players (Shadow/Hunter and to a lesser extent, Anchor/Hawk)

· Position Altered Players (Avian tech - I believe is the consensus description)

· League-modified Managers

· Popular Position modifiers

· Meta Gold Rares


When scalping players, you must understand your goal is a quick profit. If you hold X card, you bankroll becomes tied up into an"investment". If you scalp continuously on day 1 - you can then invest and hold.


Silvers trading:


Silver's trading is considered the most effective early access trading method. This is due to the sheer lack of supply in circulation. Abiding by the law of Supply and Demand, it will only take one general SBC that requires silver cards to have an immediate impact.

What silvers do I focus on?


· Top 5 leagues

· Top 9 nations

· Silver "Rare"


The list looks short but covers a large array of cards. Narrowing down specifics will tie in heavily with your research一lack of positions, strong links, dual links, hype etc etc. I am no expert on Silvers Trading, but if you are interested in learning more I would highly suggest following @ PaulyFutter一He is phenomenal with his silver's knowledge and commands respect in this area of trading.


This concludes my basic guide to Early Access Trading. I appreciate the time you all take to read this and hope this will help all of you achieve a nice head-start to the new FIFA title!


Thanks for the support of

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