FFXIV - Rumors About Bans After Using The Ungarmax Limit Break Glitches

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We do not want to spread rumors, but do not want to deprive them. Already a few months ago leaked the news at Reddit by the deliberately introduced for the content with the commands NPC limit break "Ungarmax" on the chat command "/ ac Ungarmax" in other content can be executed.


The regular limit break in FFXIV is a full 8-man group of 3 bars in the course of a fight "charge". If it is activated, all bars are consumed and started ones reset.



The "Ungarmax" has a few special features here:


The command stakes can have a maximum of only two limit bars, ungarmax consumes only one of them.

This makes it quickly available in long boss battles and can be used multiple times.

It increases the damage output of the group by a whopping 50% for 15 seconds.

The duration of the effect can be increased to 25 seconds by the Opposition ability of the Astrologer job. For a single player up to 40 seconds.


Now it also leaked into Square Enix where some players have used this special limit break to speed up heavy content in the game like "The Endless Shadows of Bahamut" and "Omega: Sigmetry Epic".


On 28.02.2018 Naoki Yoshida personally reacted in the Official Forum of FFXIV

Accordingly, the procedure is currently as follows:


Determine whether the statement that the glitch was reported early to the GMs is indeed true.

If true, find out why no action has been taken.


Locate the characters who have deliberately exploited this glitch.

The glitch itself was fixed on 28.02 with an emergency maintenance of all servers. A few days ago, the first message appeared on Reddit, the first 9 days Ban was pronounced.

After a closer look, however, I still regard it with skepticism.


Had Square Enix really decided to prove to players for using the "Ungarmax" glitches with the notorious 9 day ban, which usually entails a perma ban, I would have expected a bigger barrage of such messages. Rather, it can be assumed that the player can be addressed, warned and expect otherwise good behavior no further consequences. We are curious, maybe we will learn more in the next RMT report on the Lodestone.


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