Final Fantasy XIV Tips For Decorating Your Homes

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After the recent changes, many players in Final Fantasy XIV can afford a home. We have put together the most beautiful decoration ideas for you.


Actually, the common saying among FFXIV players is that glamor is the real endgame. You play Final Fantasy XIV with the goal to get the newest and coolest clothes for your character.



However, housing is slowly but surely pushing itself to the top of the Endgame Olympus. Because what the creative boys and girls from the community in their homes on the legs, is really impressive. In addition to such stark projects as giant robots and cars made of furniture, there are also relatively "normal" home furnishings, but still testify to creativity and ingenuity.


Even for private individuals is possible to buy a house, now many a player can look forward to a new home. To give you some food for thought, here are the 10 coolest deco ideas that have been put together with tons of time, patience and housing glitches from the community.


Classic Library



Built out of tons of bookshelves, the library has a reception area where the house NPCs are set up. In addition, there is a separate study, as well as a soft corner for the visitors. Whether you can read properly in the light conditions, is indeed an open question, but it definitely looks comfortable.


This is Halloween!



Composed of various event furniture, this house decoration literally served as the stage for a costume contest during the last Halloween event of the free society.


Autumn Garden



Of course you should not forget the garden at the house decoration. A beautifully designed garden makes your own house look even more comfortable from the outside. In this case, the garden was embellished with the colorful ginko, maple trees and foliage carpets that give it an autumnal look.


Chocobo Caffee



A Final Fantasy game without Chocobos is unthinkable. That's why FFXIV also has lots of furniture with chocobo motifs. It's definitely enough to set up a small chocobo cafe in a house with chocobo wallpapers and chocobo plush toys.





For the fans of cuddly toys and other cute things, there is also enough furniture to choose from. In this decoration, the lover's bed plays the central role, because on it the cuddly toys, as well as an aquarium and miniature gold saucer are placed. Added to this are lots of flowers and plants that are distributed throughout the house.


Modern Apartment



Dont feel like fantasy? The modern apartment is an example of how you can furnish your house in a realistic style. The minimalist colors and many wooden furniture make it possible. And there is even the possibility to make a "TV"!





It is nice to be able to sit in a warm green conservatory on cold days and in FFXIV you can make one with the help of many windows. Add to that a lot of plants and a four-poster bed to make the whole thing more comfortable.


Old-timer Bar



You can see at first glance that this cool bar in the Noir style has flowed a lot of heart and soul. Not only are there cool shadow games with the help of headlights, but even cars made entirely of furniture. Above all, the makers had to improvise a lot. Since FFXIV does not have any dart slices or billiard tables, clocks and green benches had to serve.


Japanese Garden



Since the release of the Asian furniture in the extension "Stormblood", there is now also the opportunity to design his garden in the classic Japanese style. In addition to the bamboo plants and Far Eastern grass, there is even suitable porch and Hinganese hot spring as furniture for these purposes.


Cake Shop



Fancy something sweet? Of this there is a lot in this home decoration, because the interior has been put together in the style of a pastry shop. To do that, the makers needed several sylph windows, lots of round tables, and plenty of food, from small appetizers and tarts to big cakes.


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