U4GM Halloween Maximum Offers for All Games, Bonus, Discount Code, Giveaway

Game: Fortnite
Time: 2023-02-13
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The annual Halloween is coming, and I wish you a happy holiday in advance. Today we will introduce a series of activities during the U4GM Halloween. It also introduces Halloween events related to favorite games. 

U4GM Halloween Events ( From November 28th to December 3rd) 

1. Halloween Bonus 
In Halloween, Enjoy 10% OFF for all the product. 

2. Halloween Coupon Code 
When you buy Fortnite Save the World Weapons, Poe Currency, Forza Horizon 4 Credits And MapleStory 2 Mesos Use Coupon "Halloween18" Enjoy other 8%. 

3. Halloween Giveaway 
We will reward our ten customers with 5% of the profits during the Halloween period (May $5000). The ten customers are drawn from the customers Who Order at The Halloween.  We will publish drawn process On our YOUTUBE channel.


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Halloween Events With Hot Game 

1. Fortnite Halloween Events 
Epic Games has confirmed the Fortnite Halloween occasion, and it may be a huge one particular! The game developer has approved the release of your Fortnitemares event by releasing teasers on Twitter. 
The Fortnite creator has released two Fortnitemares teasers on Twitter so far. The very first teaser gave us a sneak peek at what appears like an upcoming outfit, while the second one showed a rune. At the moment, it is hard to inform what exactly will occur, but we think that the Fortnite Halloween event will get started shortly just after the floating island reaches the center of Leaky Lake and performs its final activation. 
The initial teaser 
Epic Games posted the initial Fortnitemares teaser on October 20. The game developer posted a teaser image in conjunction with a quick poem inside the caption. 
Costumes and dancing,  
Partner up, be smart.  
They might be friendly,  
Or even a ghoul in disguise. 
The first teaser hints at ghouls, which makes some players believe that the Ghoul Trooper outfit will return towards the in-game shop. Also, this poem might be a possible hint at the new gears (costumes) that should be added during the event. 

The second teaser 
The second teaser was considerably more thrilling because it integrated a rune on a purple fragment. The rune appears similar to the runes the purple cube left on the ground in season five. Moreover, this makes us believe that the free island event, as well as the Fortnitemares, have a thing in prevalent. 
The caption for the second teaser was the following: 
Tombstones quake,  
Preserve your finger steady. 
The circle will close,  
Improved be prepared. 

2. Maplestory 2 Halloween Events 
The end of October attributes spooky events and adorably mysterious rewards, like a new story produced mainly for the new international service! 

The mystery of your Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel 
The Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel is usually a lovely location to remain. Beautiful decorations, lush accommodations, barely any ghostly presence... it genuinely is one of the most excellent lodgings in Maple World, and you've been invited to a unique Halloween gala where there are going to be completely no haunting! 

Pumpkin Coin Shop 
The Halloween events we're placing out all have a single issue in prevalent: They're an excellent method to earn Pumpkin Coins! There is a particular set of prizes waiting for you in the event you can gather sufficient coins, like two spooky decorations for the residence, a monstrously adorable mask for you personally in addition to a fun-sized skeletal horse and card to follow you about as your pet! 

Raising Punky 
There's also an adorable small... bat-pumpkin pet? Properly, Pumky is usually an increasing little monster along with the charming creature wants your support to grow, with Pumpkin Coins and different cosmetics waiting for you! 

3. Path Of Exile Halloween Events 
Track Of Exile Halloween week continues as we release the Gothic Horror Ghost Youngster Pet - a haunting apparition which will trail you as you bring death towards the land. We're also introducing the Sawblade Blade Vortex Impact that amplifies the slicing and dicing effect in the skill with daunting rings of hot serrated metal.  

4. Forza horizon 4 Halloween