Some Unfriendly Menu's and Options in Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7 Date: Nov/08/17 03:08:22 Views: 4324

First! I cannot adjust volume for every single person in multiplayer at once through an audio option, so because they refuse to disconnect their mic and Turn 10 decides that mics are required if plugged in, I get my ear drums blown out from these fuckers coughing, music, dog, Kids, and/or their game.

Second! I just want to race my car, in a slow class because I suck! Forza 6, I played D class with allot of other players and it was fun and I could compete. Now I have to have an A class vehicle, or a very specific shitty car that I cannot upgrade over a sway bar. . . What is that bullshit? "Here is over # of cars we added! You also can't enjoy 80% of them in online multiplayer! :D" Well thanks a fuck allot!


I had more complaints, but not nearly frustrating enough for me to recall them right now.


If there is options for these things and I missed it? Clearly too fucking difficult to find because I'v never had issues like these before in Forza and i'm simple minded!


Some ways to solve these unfriendly menu's and options


Ya, I don't understand why turn 10 thinks we would ever want to listen to racist rants or people chewing their food. You should have to opt in to that shit. But after you enter a lobby you can scroll two screens to the right and click on yourself to mute all drivers. But you have to do that every time you enter a lobby.


You can mute people. I do this very often with people who want to do mischief with their mic. Go to their name click on it and then mute driver. Best option in my opinion.


Hot Hatch is close to the D class. They are not that fast. They have the ghost lobby or the collision on lobby. You can still do adjustments on cars just need to be at or under the limit for the room your in. I do agree Multiplayer could be a lot better. My number one complaint about this game.

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