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In view of the accumulated questions, the most interesting and frequently asked questions were chosen, let's get acquainted with the entire list and learn the details of this wonderful game Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance.



Q- What classes should I take with me for solo farming in Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance?

О- For a successful farm solo, you can take a tank, a couple of DDs and a support, but you can add more heals, which will save gold on the banks.


Q- Will Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance be an MMO RPG?

About- All parts of the Lineage game are MMO RPGs, and Twilight Resistance is no exception.


Q- Will Lineage III be released to the console?

O- In the plans of developers such an opportunity is not yet available, but at one stage of the tests management was carried out by means of gamepads.


In-Lineage Eternal is essentially a redistributed Lineage II or is it new game content?

In fact, Lineage III is a completely new game with a new game world and its own characteristics.


Q- When will it be possible to play Lineage Eternal?

О- At this stage, still undergoing testing, in order to participate in the second stage, you must have a Korean account (for registration of the account you will need a Korean passport and a Korean phone number). On account of the official release of the game in the light of information is not available.


In-Lineage Eternal will be paid or free?

О- There is no exact information, but it is worth assuming that the game will be Free to Play.


Q. What are the system requirements of the game?

О- According to minimal system requirements, it's worth noting that even AMD processors will pull it quietly (phenom 2 x3 will be enough), GeForce 9800 video card and free space on the 10 GB hard drive.

Recommended system requirements: AMD Phenom 2 x4, Ge Force GTX 460 graphics card, 4GB RAM and 10 GB free disk space.


Q- Will it be possible to change the enchantment in the game in any place and at any time?

О- Yes, indeed it is possible, regardless of the situation, at the very beginning you will have 4 characters available, and with increasing levels you will receive certain items and open new charms. However, it is only a guess if the mechanic will reach us in this form.


Q. Will armor fall like loot from mobs?

O- Yes, armor will fall like loot from monsters in various locations, including dungeons. Armor will fall even with PCs.


Q. With the PVP system in Lineage Eternal, it is said that it does not work correctly.

O- In fact, the PVP system works fine, but at low levels it seems very long and painful, but with the increase in the level, both the speed and interest in PVP battles increases.


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