Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance - Diablo-MMO Still Has Hit Potential

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Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance hit the headlines in 2011 as a hope for a "Diablo MMO".



Fight on dynamic battlefields


Unlike Lineage 2, Lineage Eternal becomes a kind of hack'n'lay like Diablo. You control your own character from an isometric perspective with the mouse. Special attacks are not carried out at the touch of a button, but with mouse gestures. The system calls NCSoft "Drag Skill". This not only determines the attack, but also its strength and range. This should be especially important for spells.


At the same time there should be a completely open game world in the style of Guild Wars 2. This means that the world is divided into different maps on which you can move completely freely. The developer plans to play up to 500 players on each card at the same time. Only the randomly generated dungeons, PvP and raids for over 20 players are instantiated.


While the players are fighting in the foreground, on other levels you can see armies clashing or dragons flying through the air. There are also hints that you are not completely limited by any cliff boundaries in the movement.


Multiple characters instead of different classes


NCSoft has meanwhile rejected the originally planned classification system. Instead, there is a so-called "Eternal System". This can be changed by pressing the F-keys between four different "Eternal Heroes", which you then control directly. But you can choose from 13 of these heroes.


Eternals are normalized by collecting experience points. Gems make it possible to further customize the eternal heroes. In addition, there is an "Eternal Team" level. The higher that is, the more team talent points you can put into different specializations. For certain team levels you should also be able to unlock certain special features.

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