Lost Ark - You Can Play For The Key NPC In Dungeon

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While the company SmileGate is not in a hurry to please people with new trailers or details about the ambitious MMORPG Lost Ark, so we suggest our readers to watch a movie dedicated to one of the story dungeons.



This time we decided to show you "The wind break". It is in this instance that the player is to manage for the first time not one of his characters, but one of the key NPCs. Such a place can not be called picturesque or friendly, but it will help adventurers get a little closer to the story of Lost Ark.


It is worth noting that in a special theme Argonak will continue to spread videos with the passage of the story dungeons, which were available in the second stage of the CBT Korean version of the game.


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For some time we had not brought news about Smilegate and its long-awaited ARPG Lost Ark. The last thing we saw about the game, is that Smilegate was hiring QA testers for the new content and also showed the planned roadmap with the start-up for the CBT 3, the final test and the Open Beta.

Lost Ark Caused Quite A Stir When It Was Revealed

When Lost Ark was revealed during G-Star 2014, the game caused quite a stir, which is a game that gamers have been waiting for. Lost Ark is an upcoming MMORPG that combines the fast paced gameplay found in action RPGs like Diablo 3 with the sense of discovery and immersion found in open world MMORPGs.

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Developers from the company SmileGate tried to introduce in MMORPG Lost Ark a large number of activities that will help players fun and interesting to spend their free time. During the second closed beta of the Korean version of the game, a random event called "Chaos Gate" was available.

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Lost Ark is a fantasy themed MMORPG developed by SmileGate. The game features Diablo MMORPG players and combat. Player must venture the vast world of the Lost Ark to gather the pieces and go against the demon army.

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