MapleStory NOVA Update Introduction Video: New Job Cadena

MapleStory Date: Jun/21/17 02:55:08 Views: 4208

Nexon has announced that it will update its new job Cadena on July 6 with the release of MapleStory's summer update Nova (NOVA) update on "MapleStory, The Live".



A new profession, will be unveiled for the first time at MapleStory Test World on June 18 and will begin pre-production on the 22nd.


Cadena, a new Nova job, is characterized by the ability to move maps freely using a chain or to use various linking techniques with simple operations. Using these features, Cadena is set to occupy a variety of weapons and occupations with a powerful one-handed way to look at enemies.




In addition to the new job, Nova Update will add various new contents, including a new episode in Dimensional Library, the 5th area of Arcane River: Moras.


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