Monopoly GO: All You Need To Know About Tycoon Racers

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-05-16
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Monopoly GO offers more than just the familiar thrill of buying properties and collecting rent. This mobile adaptation of the classic board game takes things up a notch by introducing limited-time events and minigames that are designed to keep players on their toes. Now, Scopely has added an interesting twist to the game by introducing a brand-new collaborative minigame, called Tycoon Racers. If you’re wondering what challenges await you in this thrilling event, read on.

What is Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers?

Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers

Tycoon Racers is a unique blend of cooperation. It works similarly to Partner Events, where you team up with other Monopoly GO players to achieve a common goal. But the difference is that players don’t work on four separate tasks with each partner. Instead, the team of four players works together against other teams of four. Additionally, it seems players can pick rewards, meaning that not all milestone rewards will be obtainable. The event features the following stages:

Team-Up: Invite friends and build your team. If you don’t have friends, the game will randomly assign you to a team.   
Matchmaking: Teams of similar skill levels will be paired up to ensure a fair competition.   
Race: Compete in multiple races, each offering unique challenges and rewards.   
Event Finale: Finish strong and claim the grand prize in an exciting celebration.

How To Play and Win the Tycoon Racers in Monopoly Go?

To play and ultimately win the Tycoon Racers event, you need to carefully select your teammates and collect checkered Flags to roll the special event dice. You can collect Flags in the following ways:

Land on the designated Flag pickup tiles on the board   
Complete the daily Quick Wins   
Collect the gift in the Monopoly GO shop   
Participate in solo events and tournaments

These Flags activate a roller with three dice, where each roll costs 20 Flags at the base x1 multiplier. The numbers you roll using the flag tokens will be added to your team’s progress, so the more event dice you roll, the more points your team will score.

These points are then added to your team’s point total, which moves your team’s racer on the track in the center of the field. Your group can earn up to 12 chests with random rewards by completing more laps. The point total then determines how many placement points your group receives at the end of a race. After two races, your team will earn prizes based on your placement.

What are the Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers' rewards?

Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers 1

There are two sets of prizes for the Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers event: one for your team’s placement and another from the chest you obtain from lap rewards throughout the mini-game.

These are the rewards your group will receive for its placement after two races:

1st: 2,700 dice rolls + Wild Sticker   
2nd: 750 dice rolls + Purple Sticker Pack (five stars)   
3rd: 375 dice rolls + Blue Sticker Pack (four stars)   
4th: 125 dice rolls

Your team will also earn a certain number of chests depending on how many laps your racecar makes. Every chest you earn has a random set of rewards, and you’ll be able to select one of them as you wish. Your lap reward choices include the following:

Free dice rolls (125 to 550)   
Flag tokens (100 to 360)   
2-Star Orange Sticker Pack  
3-Star Pink Sticker Pack   
4-Star Blue Sticker Pack   
15-Minute Mega Heist   
25-Minute Wheel Boost   
15-Minute High Roller   
15-Minute Cash Boost

When Can play The Tycoon Racers Minigame In Monopoly GO?

Right now, Tycoon Racers is in the test stage and is only available at random to players in specific regions. On May 8, it was released for players in the Philippines. On May 13, players in Brazil and Malaysia also started seeing the event pop up in their game.


Tycoon Racers will begin on 12 June at 10am (CST) in all countries/regions. This is a new event except for players in specific few regions, if you want to know more about the event issues then you can visit Scopely help page.

Tycoon Racers isn't just a race; it's a party. You and your closest pals form a team and go head-to-head against other teams, all vying for victory. So, gather your friends, and rev your engines in Monopoly GO!