Path of Exile Guide: How to Defear The Elder

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(The article was written by Hugo Sevilla, a member comes from facebook group of U4GM Poe Fans center)


First of all we must know that there will be "3 elders", White Elder(1-5 tier maps) Yellow Elder(6-10 tier maps) and Red Elder (11-15 tier maps). This is important because the life and damage of the Elder will be increased by the Tier it's on.


Why is all this for? This is why: I recomend you to start doing White Elder, wich it's not that difficult, and you might be wondering how can it be on a white map?. The Elder Zone appears in a random spot, It might be red, yellow or white, we can't do anything about it, but, what we can do is move it to white maps, even to specific maps.


Here's how can we do it:


In this picture we can see that the elder zone is on Red maps, so in order to make it bigger we need to completer Shaper maps wich are next to the Elder zone Like the ones marked in Green. Once we do this and as the Zone start to increase ( let's think that the blue color is now all the new Elder zone) now it has yellow maps aswell, so the next Step would be start doing the red maps(marked with red color) to decrease the Elder zone and star moving it to white maps.


This is Just in the case the Elder is in a Red zone and we want it to move wo white maps in orther to do it easier.


PoE Elder Fight


Once we have the mark on the place we want we need to have at least 20 maps inside to make the guardians and the elder appear( as a note the elder will appear on a random spot, for example if the mark has 15 white maps and 5 yellow maps, the elder can actually be on a yellow map, offcourse the chance is less 15-5: 25% chance.


So this guide is how to kill the Elder, but one thing to say is that sometimes and for some build the guardians can be even harder than the elder, mustly the "Eradicator" (the lightning one), be carefull with this aswell.


Once you defeat the guardians here comes the Elder fight mechanics wich are the next ones:


PoE Elder Fight


The 1st attack the elder will do is shooting Ice cones this is easy to dodge, you just need to do a side step, never facetank, 1stable you must dodge that and then start attacking.


PoE Elder Fight


Some times "octopus" will start to appear, you must kill them all because they put a black mark on the floor wich If you stand on it you will recive damage over time, If you don't kill them and they keep spawing the floor can be all stained and you will have less surface to run.


PoE Elder Fight


Other attack will be the "Drain", wich stuns you and start draining your healt. A good way to dodge it is doing a dash right at the moment at the elder's attack wich can be kind of difficult to do. If you can't do this don't worry, That attack does not one shot you, because the Shaper comes to help you stunning the Elder and stopping the Elder's Drain, a Good way to face this attack is with a Health pot right at the time he start draining you, using it will reduce the amount of heal it drains, think that you can't move during this attack. Other attack is the "Tentacle" one and the "Scream", this both attacks can be dodged by just running, the tencle one you need to run in any direction, never going back, and the scream one can be dodged by running next to the corner wehere the scream has no effect.


PoE Elder Fight


Other attack wich can occur is the big explosion wich will give you a safe zone right in the Middle (next to the elder), take care because during this attack the elder can do any of the other attacks (ice cone shots, tentacle attacks, etc,) so my recomendation here would be save pots and move arround trying to dodge.


PoE Elder Fight


Once you get Elder's Life to 20% The second face comes. In this face The Elder will be chained in the middle by the Shaper, Portals will start to appear, this portals will bring tons of monters wich wil attack you and the Shaper. If the Shaper's Life gets to 0 the Elder will break the chains and the 1st Face will start again (you don't want that to happen). As I've killed the Elder I realized it's not neccesary to destroy the portal, you just need to kill the monster that comes out of it, this is becasue If you kill it completly It will summon again, So a big advice is try not killing and using your resources on it, it's is better to just kill the mobs. This is just a matter of time, so you just need to hold it. 1st will be 1 portal, then 2, up to 4 portals.


PoE Elder Fight


Once you complete this Face, here comes the easiest and the last face, In this The Elder will be still chained, you just need to DPS at the maximum, brining his life to 0, one you complete it, run next to zana, because there will be a big xplosion wich can 1shot you, Zana will make a Shield, wich will prevent from getting dammage.


PoE Elder Fight


VERY IMPORTANT: Never switch character during the fights, even tho If you die never switch characters because the fight won't be counted and there will be no loot, and you'll have to do it all over again.


The fight will be the same on any tier, the differences offcourse will be the Elder's Life/Damage wich will be increased as the tier increase.

Any question you have, anything I probably Missed, anything you want to contribute it's wellcome on the comentaries. Thanks and good luck with that Elder Drops 8)

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