PoE 3.2 HC RT Sunder Gladiator Build

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Since U4gm sold poe currency, accumulated a large number of users, so share the more popular PoE 3.2 HC RT Sunder Gladiator Build here to guide more players. Build posted by WorstSmitesEU.


RT Sunder Gladiator Build


Edit 1: Dropped 'Devotion' and both endurance charges on the tree to be able to path through the middle and outer highway picking up 'Splitting Strikes' and 'Bloodless' on the way. This leaves us with a nice boost to our damage and more flat life but with 1 less %life.


Edit 2: Due to the nerf to reflect rares we can now disregard them entirely. Use Ruthless over Added Fire in your 5/6-link. This also means there is no extra incentive to use Tempestuous Steel over Prismatic Eclipse, use the one you like better.


Edit 3: Tombfist + Stygian belt replace Deceiver; keep Intimidate and gain 2 jewel sockets.



- Easily deals with all content leveling up until yellow maps on a 4-link

- Easy to gear out

- Tanky, as we are stacking life on the tree and gear as well as various forms of free mitigation, making this build hard to die on.

- reliable

- foolproof



- It's not very flashy and there will be no shattering enemies.

- While it can do high tier maps and other endgame content, provided you invest into proper gear, you're probably better off just starting your 2nd character and spending your accumulated wealth on that instead.


Final Tree



Final Gem Setup

Click here




This character is very easy to gear out making it a great league starter, you can gradually work your way towards these late game items or start a new character once you have enough currency. You will probably need flat phys on your gear if you want to be able to do the hardest of content.


Your main-hand weapon should be a rare axe with as high pDPS as you can get, Soul Taker can be nice but it shouldn't be all too difficult to buy a rare with more damage for less currency.


Your off-hand is used as a stat stick and to be able to use whirling blades, Prismatic Eclipse, Tempestuous Steel, Scaeva and The Princess. With the change to reflect rares Tempestuous Steel is no longer the undisputed #1 for off-hand. Any of the aforementioned work, use what you can get your hands on and upgrade to Prismatic Eclipse or Tempestuous Steel once you have the currency to spare.


For boots you will want Kaom's Roots as they grant you a huge chunk of flat life as well as stun and freeze immunity at the cost of a 4-link, which is more than worth it. Just farm the Sewer/Waste Pool maps for the The Throne card. If you want to go all out on it you can buy a pair with +1 Frenzy Charge.


I like going for the Belly of the Beast chest armour but any 6-link rare armour base is great.


We're now replacing the Belt of the Deceiver with a combination of a Stygian belt + the new Tombfist gloves. This way we can keep Intimidate and gain 2 sockets for some nice Murderous jewels. Tombfst gloves are really cheap to buy in both HC and SC and you should also be able to find some nice Stygian belts and Murderous Eye jewels while leveling up.


The rest of your gear should be rares with decent life rolls that cover both your resistance and stat needs. If you have the currency or want to push to 100 you can buy spiked gloves, steel rings and an amulet with flat phys rolls, those can easily add another 100k+ dps.


Regarding flasks, you will need a staunching instant life flask of some kind as well as a utility (a Basalt flask is probably best) flask or warding. Lion's Roar is a must-have flask for this build with Atziri's Promise and Taste of Hate being great as well. Atziri's Promise can easily be farmed on a 5-link, Taste of Hate can be hard to get the currency for and is not a requirement by any means but if you've got your gear figured out and have the currency to spare it is one of the greatest additions both offensively and defensively, until you can get your hands on one you can run a Silver or Sulphur flask with shock removal.


Jewels don't play that big of a role in this build as there are no threshold jewels or any other uniques we really want. I like using them as a DPS boost but you can also use them to cover resistances, stat requirements or to get a little extra block. A jewel you want should always have a max life roll and then whatever else you need it to do.




Gladiator has got some really nice mitigation which is why I often find myself picking it for my Ascendancy.

Will Slayer/Berserker/Juggernaut/Champion work also? Yes.


Ascendancy nodes should be picked up in this order:


Gratuitous Violence is a nice DPS increase no matter how bad your gear is, it should always be taken with your first 2 Ascendancy points.


Outmatch and Outlast is what we spend our next 2 points on, it grants free Frenzy Charges for a nice increase in DPS and in combination with Enduring Cry a nice bit of extra physical mitigation.


Painforged, along with the block nodes we pick up on the tree makes, for a nice free layer of mitigation and also grants a nice boost in damage.


Versatile Combatant is what we spend our final 2 points, not a conversion just a nice extra.


Note also that all the small nodes we take on the Ascendancy tree are actually useful to our character, something that isn't a given in all Ascendancy trees.




- Major Gods

Aside from the Brine King the major gods are all pretty nice for this build, Lunaris seems best in most situations.


- Minor Gods

With the nerf to reflect rares Yugul is no longer necessary. I can see both Tukohama and Ryslatha being really nice but it honestly doesn't really matter.




Kill all

No point in helping any of the Bandits in unless their rewards get buffed, if you want Alira's all res just pick up Diamond Skin next to Warrior's Blood and respec once you have gear upgrades.






- Leveling Trees


Rather than going by character level my leveling trees will be centered around milestones on the tree as this makes more sense to me.


Tree 1

Our first milestone on the tree is Golem's Blood.


Tree 2

The second one is quite the leap to pick up RT because there is nothing more frustrating than not hitting the enemy you're pointing at. All jokes aside it's a really good node. We will also pick up the Slaughter node right after RT.


Tree 3

Ater picking up Warrior's Blood, Bloodless and Splitting Strikes we're done with the left side of the tree for now.


Tree 4

On the right side of the tree we're picking up Vitality Void, some nice life nodes and the op Ranger block nodes.


Tree 5

The last big leap is to the Constitution node in the Scion life wheel.


From here on out it's picking up nodes close by depending on your evaluation. Once you get your hands on the unique flasks you should pick up Druidic Rite and Primal Spirit for the juicy flask stuff.


- Leveling Gear / Gear Progression


Gearing this character is as easy as gearing a melee character gets.


- For my main-hand weapon (sunder only swings with the main-hand and hence only that weapon matters for damage numbers) I like buying white axe bases from the town vendor and using the Rustic Sash recipe (sell 1 Rustic Sash + 1 Blacksmith's Whetstone + the weapon base) continuously upgrading my weapon that way, also pick up rare axes that drop along your playthrough as they are potential upgrades. once you reach maps you should have an eye out for cheap axes with decent dps on poe.trade.


- Your off-hand should be a weapon that enables you to use whirling blades (e.g. one handed sword, dagger or claw). The Princess is nice if you have access to it. You could also use Aurumvorax for an easier time covering your resistances.


- Chest armour is as simple as it gets, all you want is as many linked sockets as you can get. Any white armour based chest piece with 4 linked sockets can get you up to maps, you can try to alt roll for a bit of extra life on it if you want. Upgrade to a 5-link as soon as you can, the same goes for a 6-link although you can comfortably do all yellow maps on a 5-link.


- All you are looking for on your boots is movement speed, upgrade accordingly. If you happen to come across a pair of Wanderlust boots you can use those for most of your leveling process.


while leveling try to cover your stat requirements as best as you can with the rest of your gear. I like to make sure I'm resistance capped once i start doing tier 4-5 maps.


- Leveling Gems


This is all pretty straight forward, use Cleave until you get Sunder, nothing too crazy aside from the level 3 Enlighten and the Vaal Grace/Haste.


Sunder Setup


Sunder - Melee Physical Damage - Concentrated Effect - Multistrike


This setup can carry you way into yellow maps. If Multistrike alone feels too clunky while leveling you can either swap it for Faster Attacks or use both Multistrike and Faster Attacks together and change back to the normal setup once you have a high enough attack rate. Use Ruthless as your 5th link and Melee Damage on Full Life once you have access to a 6-link, if you want to use Blood Rage make sure you can sustain it without degening, if you can't it will render your Damage on Full Life useless.


Whirling Blades Setup


Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks Support - Blood Magic Support


A pretty standard setup to move around, especially once you're using Kaom's Roots. Blood Magic is used to not drain all your mana before you even get to a pack of monsters. Once you have an open 4-link you can add Fortify Support to gain another layer of defense.


Aura Setup


Hatred - Herald of Ash


Hatred is the best of the 3 elemental auras, pretty standard to have. You can drop Herald of Ash in favour of Arctic Armour for more safety once you get the Gratuitous Violence Ascendancy node and start using it again once you have a level 3 Enlighten. You can also run Herald of Ash together with Arctic Armour and level Hatred in the secondary weapon setup, you won't have to go too hard on the mana flask spammage.


Use Ancestral Warchief and Enduring Cry, keep Cast When Damage Taken on level 1 and Enfeeble on level 5 and level all the unused gems in the secondary weapon slots and open sockets on your gear. Linking Maim Support to the Warchief helps with killing bosses quicker.

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