War for the Atlas Expansion Announced for Path of Exile

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Grinding Gear Games has finally released the content announcement for the highly anticipated 3.1.0 update. War of the Atlas is slated for launch December 8th while this update will be pushed to Xbox One shortly afterward. In addition to this huge update, the new challenge league will also drop. Now without further delay lets get down into the details.


The main draw featured in War for the Atlas is a war between The Shaper, and a new entity known as The Elder. The Elder has declared war on The Shaper over control of the Atlas. This content expansion will place you directly in the path between these two forces as you explore an Atlas of Worlds that has been ravaged by their conflict. 


As the Elder grows in power this mysterious entity will begin to devour The Shapers creations. Growing in power with each of The Shapers creations it consumes, the stronger he will be when you face him. I think it would be fair to assume that the stronger The Elder is, the better rewards. It may be worth letting the Elder gobble up some foes if possible to ensure a potentially better chance at some amazing loot. 


Additionally 32 maps have been added to the Atlas, and it's overall structure has been shifted and changed. Finding new paths, and discovering optimal ways to get to the center of the Atlas will keep players involved in the ever changing end game content.


New items with elements from both The Elder, and the Shaper will be present. These items will have unique properties not presently found in any other items currently in game. These items will include magic, rares, and even unique weapons, armor and jewelry. 


Hungry Loop


Many players have eyed the recently revealed Hungry Loop as an item of potential fascination. It will consume up to four max level support gems giving their affects to any final non support gem slotted into the ring. Simply put, this allows up to five more additional gems to be utilized. The crux of this item however is the lack of direct stats, but the trade off is quite exceptional. It will be very interesting to see how, and if this item manages to make itself a core part of PoE's meta. 


The Abyss Challenge League


Finally while certainly not least is the information released on the challenge league. For untold eons in the blackest, and further reaches in the underworld a race of light fearing repulsive beings dwelled in secret. These light fearing, and repulsive beings feared the light and were long thought to have died out with no historical mentions of these creatures until they began pouring forth from the underworld. 


The Abyss Challenge League will add fractures all throughout the regions featured in Path of Exile. When a player approaches one of these cracks in the ground they will expand, widen and monsters from the black depths will pour forth. As you pursue these cracks in the earth you may stump upon giant chasms guarded by packs of monsters. If you act quickly enough before they seal themselves shut you will find yourself valuable rewards from below. 


Lucky Exiles may perhaps find a powerful Lich in high leveled zones with Abyssal cracks. Defeating one of these Lich's is the only way to obtain Unique Abyss items.  Along with new unique items, are Abyssal Jewels, they work in the same manner of regular Jewels and can be slotted into your passive skill tree, but additionally they can be placed inside items with Abyssal Sockets. These Sockets can be found on new Abyssal unique items. Each unique item associated with the Abyss has at least one Abyssal jewel socket with the possibility for more.  


Aditionally the Abyss Challenge League will have its own set of official challenges and rewards for progressing through them based on milestones. From a new Helmet, to Wings, a new Portal effect, and a compounding totem pole display that grows with progress. Those who like to flaunt their ability to complete these milestones will find themselves aptly rewarded. 


December 8th isn't very far way, just less than two weeks, so it's time to finish up your Harbinger characters and give them a proper send off. Full patch notes will be revealed by Grinding Gear Games as soon as the update goes live, along with a full list of rewards for the challenges. The time is nearly here to once again steel yourselves a new wave of Exiles is making their way to Wraeclast, and doom follows in their footsteps. 

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