What are your expectations for PoE in 2018?

Path Of Exile Date: Jan/01/18 15:17:05 Views: 1339

Happy New Year! First, let's take a look back on 2017, Click here. Looking ahead, Instead of expectation, here's my wishlist:


War For The Atlas


Performance improvement. Especially relating to ground effects and particle effects.


Some improvement to visual clutter.




Option to make attack in place the default setting


More fluent character movement and better responsiveness. Specifically, shorter cast animations. Pre-cast, cast, and post-cast animations. All are incredibly long and make characters feel slow, sluggish, unresponsive, and make it feel like you're playing a 20 year old game.

Especially now that instant leech is pretty much gone, it would be nice to not be stuck in animations half the time, and put a bigger focus on dodging and reaction times to reward good play, instead of combat just being a stat check.


ONLY in combination with the above change: nerf multistrike, or buff faster attacks. Multistrike is way too mandatory for melee builds with no real feasible alternative.

Slower attack builds could be viable if you wouldn't get assblasted so hard by being stuck in animations for 6 years, so that needs to change first.


more variation in bow builds


Don't put breach on zana 8....


Masters rework, make it less of a boring time-consuming drag


Earth magic skill gems (physical damage probably), let us roleplay avatar please GGG


What are your expectations for PoE in 2018?

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