Why Old School RuneScape Mobile is A Great Idea?

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OSRS Mobile Beta Test is Android only for now. Future this may be carried out on iOS too. Some will always have issues with change or new things but here, the benefits outweigh the negatives way too much.


RS Mobile


1. This is being targeted for people on the go, who don't have the same luxury as kids and teens do at their PCs.


2. We're told it'll be a fully fledged version on mobile, no half-baked implementation of the game or botched features, in essence this will be the first of its kind if done correctly. Mobile games aren't really good compared to PC gaming and the ones that are require decent specs to run. This should be a game changer considering "MMOs" on mobile are simple time wasters with nothing special to them. 


3. It doesn't take away from the PC version whatsoever when it comes to updates and management. Both versions will updated accordingly and one won't be paid more attention to than the other. 


4. It'll bring in a much needed flux of REAL players. As some people don't really care to notice, RS is infested with bots. Some even imitate real players and create discussions that feel real but is simply a bot and clever A.I. Botting on Mobile would be impractical to say the least and wouldn't be worth in the long run. Though it won't be impossible, it's safe to say most players on mobile will not be cheating.


5. Why not? We are in a time for cross-platform gaming. And if you had to ask me, this should of been done a LONG time ago but it's better late than never. The potential for this to explode as one of the best mobile games is high so we should just embrace it and support Jagex along the way.


6. This doesn't affect PC whatsoever so if you don't care for mobile just don't play. Very simple. 

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