Star Citizen's Update: Patch 3.1 Won't Just Bring New Flyable Ships

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Star Citizen had a single-player component called Squadron 42 that's coming later this year which includes a number of single-player missions with a mix of space combat and first person gameplay. With the release of Alpha 3.1 just a few ways away, Star Citizen‘s developers are showcasing the new ships and vehicles that will soon be flyable (or drivable) for everyone who pledged for them.  If you're just waiting for visiting United Earth Credits website like U4GM, now it's time to act. 



The game's development is split into a development branch and a release branch. When the team is close to a release date, they move to the release branch. In 3.0’s case, they have been in the release branch for roughly ten to twelve weeks before the actual launch. The game that is incomplete now and consists of a number of test modules has passed two million players. 


First of all, we heard about the release of alpha 3.0 itself. It was certainly a challenge since it represented a massive technological push with the goal of getting a lot of the game’s underlying tech in working conditions. Patch 3.1 won’t just bring new flyable ships, but it also promises considerable performance improvement that should make the alpha experience smoother for many.


Having the full community playing 3.0 allowed the development team to identify the issues that will be fixed for 3.1. The team knows that every three months they will release a major update to the community (even if minor patches can still come in-between the large ones). As a result, players get more content, and feedback also flows back to the developers more consistently. Official website:, you are free to visit it. 

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