Sunwell: Blood Elves Should Have Golden Eyes

U4GM Date: Mar/28/18 13:28:11 Views: 317

Since Blizzard think they should give the Horde Sunwell Infused Blood Elves, instead of green eyes they will have gold eyes, it becomes a hot topic in the Sunwell.



The Sunwell is the source of power for Blood Elves. Water from the Well of Eternity created this beautiful, mystical font of power. It is sacred to the blood elves. This power source empowered the high elves, but then Arthas used the Sunwell to resurrect Kel’thuzad. He then turned Kel'thuzad into a lich.


It is said that there are chances for players to add golden eyes and even new face models to their blood elves. Why Not enter the game and have a try?

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