How to find Treasure Chest Locations in Tree of Savior

U4GM Date: Apr/19/16 14:36:47 Views: 275

The Map is complex in Tree of Savior, especially for the beginner.And the low level is easy to find as most of players got the direction, but the high level is hard to find. The passage is maily introudce how to find treasure chest locations in Tree of Savior for higher level players.


Goddess' Ancient Garden: Level 99

Lv6 Exp Card *3 (Lvl 3 chest)


Exp Card


Grand Spontoon (Lvl 2 chest)


Grand Spontoon


Red Horn (Lvl 3 chest)


Red Horn


Starving Demon's Way: Level 121

Flamini (Lvl 3 chest)




Penitence Route of Cathedral: Level 143

Black Rabbit Ears (Lvl 4 chest)


Black Rabbit Ears


Sharon Reservoir: Level 155

Expecta Staff (Lvl 2 chest)


Expecta Staff

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