Latest Event WildStar Players Can Participate In

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As the official site of WildStar stated, we are still in the duration of the Starfall anniversary event (WildStar's Thirld Anniversary). Today is the last day of the Week 2 Celebration. U4GM has summed up some details about the event.



The event of the Week 2 called "Glory Days" and it allows players get double Glory. After logining to the WildStar game, you can get On the House Decoration Pack which contains Cyberspace Grid (Ground) and Grand Finale (Sky).



If you miss these rewards, you can also participat in the Week 3 celebration, the Boss Hunter Challenge event. Here're the quests you need to complete:


 ♦ Extra rewards for world boss and legendary champion kills

 ♦ Collect Shiny Tokens to turn in for a Lucky Lopp Lockbox stocked with updated rewards: 

        Gold and Service Tokens

        Primal Essence Pack—random chance of 100, 250, or 500 Crimson, Cobalt, or Viridian

        Stop and Go Dye

        Tribal Hoverboard with flair

        Tribal Costume

        Moody Moodie Mask pet

        Dancing Moodie NPC Décor

        Moodie Totem toy

        24 “Carrots” toy


Also, as long as you login during the event time (June 16-22), you will be rewarded with two Many Trinkets Bundle, Starfall Cupcake Rocket and Starfall Discoball Spinner. You can grab more details on WildStar, further information about specifics of any of the above and cheap WildStar gold and power leveling over at

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