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  • By WOW Amazing
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Lightning win Cup in EA Sports NHL 18 season simulation

The Pittsburgh Penguins will not three-peat as Stanley Cup champions, if the full-season simulation from EA Sports NHL 18 is correct.

NHL 18 is a Solid Game, but it Lacks in New Modes, Features, and Improvements

NHL 18 is the latest installment in the long-running hockey simulator franchise and it comes in rather quietly.

Evolution or revolution? NHL 18 review Technobubble

That is the question for any gaming franchise that gets iterated on an annual basis. Call of Duty. Madden NFL. Pro Evolution Soccer. Each has to find ways to serve up gameplay that builds on the tried-and-true while finding ways to make the same experience feel fresh.

NHL 18 Is Everything You Could Want From A Hockey Game

It might have been a while since you’ve played a hockey video game, and that’s fine. That’s totally normal. You’re probably not picking up the latest offering from EA Sports every year like you pick up the new installment of Madden, or NBA 2K (or even WWE 2K). But NHL 18 has pretty much everything you could want from a hockey game

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