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Buying Old School RuneScape Mobile Gold with U4GM is natural. First, register on our site for free and browse our extensive marketplace of OSRS GP. When you’re ready to buy, pay for your order and wait to hear from the seller. For gold sales in RuneScape Mobile, you’ll need to meet with the seller’s character directly. This will require setting up a meeting place, time, and game world. After you set up a meeting and get your gold, let us know that the transaction was successful and we’ll pay the seller!

U4GM With OSRS Mobile Gold

Premium RuneScape 2007 Mobile players have access to a lot of content. Unfortunately, most players end up wasting time farming gold. What if there was a time-saving solution to your OSRS Mobile gold(Aka, Old School RuneScape gold) problems? Is there a magical way to get all the RS 2007 gold you need? Thankfully, there is! The U4GM marketplace is the number one place to satisfy all your gold needs. We have the lowest prices online! This is thanks to a player to player marketplace ready to sell you gold.

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U4GM's Old School Mobile project team has four departments
Production Department: This department has 12 employees. They are mainly engaged in the manual production of Old School Mobile Gold. 
Delivery Department: This department has 4 employees who are mainly engaged in the delivery of OSRS Mobile orders. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that orders delivered within 10 minutes.
Customer Service Department: 4 employees in this department, their primary responsibility is Livechat connection to the website. Solve the problems encountered by some users during the purchase process.

About OSRS Mobile Gold

Old school Runescape Mobile gold is an ingame currency that allows the player to purchase various items either from the grand exchange or by trading between players. It is the ingame currency of Runescape 2007 Mobile.


The Old School RuneScape mobile client is coming in 2018, with full cross-platform support and a mobile-optimized interface. Your game, anywhere. Whether you choose to fish, fletch, fight, or anything else in Old School, you’ll soon be able to continue on free right where you left on PC.

How much will the application cost?
Old School Mobile will be free to install and to use. You will need Membership if you want to access Members-only worlds.

Will I be able to buy Membership or Bonds using App Store or Play Store credit?
There is no information to share surrounding this at the moment; we'll share more should this change.

Do I need a new RuneScape account to play Old School Mobile?
It's the same game, on the same worlds, using the same accounts. You don't need to create a new report unless you want to!

Who is working on Old School Mobile?
Mods Atlas, Boko, Jed, Jenesis, and Vegard are leading the charge, and are being supported by the Old School team.

How much data is used when playing?
The OSRS Mobile: Data and battery usage blog answers this in more detail but, in short, it uses on average between 500kb to 2MB of data per hour of full gameplay.

How much battery is used when playing?
As above, the OSRS Mobile: Data and battery usage blog answers this in more detail but, in short, a new model phone like the Samsung S8 will see the battery drain of between 8% and 12% per hour of playing.

How broad is the application?
The Old School Mobile app is under 100MB.

Will there be specific game worlds for Mobile?
We don't intend to separate desktop players from those playing with a mobile device.

How will you handle any increase in players?
We have more game worlds available, we'll make them live as and when we need to. We're confident we can handle any increase in player base.

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U4GM adjust OSRS Mobile Gold prices according to market conditions, so you know you are buying OSRS Mobile Gold for the cheapest price that comes with the best customer service. We offer ways to add discounts to your order for up to 15% off.  You can order a larger amount of Old School Runescape Gold to earn you a bigger discount for buying in bulk.

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