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What are Rocket League Credits?
The Credits can be used to build Blueprints, upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium, and purchase content from the Rocket League Item Shop! Make your car your own with in-game items that can be purchased with Credits!

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About Rocket League:
Rocket League is a game as much as it is a show. The style and implementation of the game allows for it to be a very strong esport due to the high skill ceiling and the excitement of watching it. As competitive as it gets, it also has plenty of fun to be had for even the most casual gamers out there. It's an incredibly unique game, and really stands alone outside of games from similar genres. This is the type of game that really will just come to someone's personal preference of whether they will play it or not. It isn't held back in any way by performance, or catering to only a specific audience, it's truly a game that anybody can love.

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