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Как купить и продать

Buy NBA 2K21 MT at U4GM easily:


1. In the 2K21 game, list your Player Cards in the Auction House.

- U4GM will buy these cards at the "Buy Now" price. Note: 2K takes a 10% transaction fee. Since we have offered the cheapest price, we don't cover this fee.

- For one card, the maximum buy now price is 100K. You can list multiple cards for more MT orders.

- Recommend to set the Auction Ends time over 23 hours.


2. At U4GM, order your MT and pay the bill.

- Choose your Server(PS4, PC, Xbox One or Switch) and MT coins, then click the "Buy Now" button.

- Input your Player Name. You can input multiple cards and the totals "Buy Now Price" is equal to the amount you buy in U4GM. If the multiple card information is the same, set the quantity.

- Pay the bill and submit the order.


Normally, after checking your order, we will deliver your MT within 10 minutes.


Is buying NBA 2K21 MT safe?

To buy MT, choose a reliable seller is the most important thing. Coins must come from playing in the game and not scams. In order to guarantee your account safe, never tell anyone your password. Auction House is the only safe place to get MT. U4GM is safe and guarantees your safety.


What should I do if I don't receive my order?

Generally, you are able to obtain your MT coins in 10 minutes. Feel free to ask our online customer service if there is a delivery question.


What can I do if my Player card in Auctions expired?

In order to solve your question fast, contact our online customer service and submit the related information. We will correct your order details and send your MT immediately. Or, you can send your request to our email: [email protected]

U4GM With NBA 2K21 MT

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NBA 2K21 MT for sale, enjoy the cheapest price and buy now.

Около NBA 2K21 MT

What is NBA 2K21 MT?

MT points are the standard currency in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM mode. You can exchange MT points for Player Cards in the Auction House with other 2K players. You can earn MT points by doing missions, selling packs, or selling Player Cards in Auction House, etc. In the user bar strip at the upper right of most screens in MyTeam mode, you can see your total MT points.


2K Sports developed the NBA 2K21 football simulation video game. You can play the game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. NBA 2K21 has modes such as MyTEAM, MyCAREER, MyLEAGUE, MyGM, The Playground, 2K Pro-Am, and Neighborhood. It retains game elements such as Pro Stick. Pro Stick mechanic enables users to have a better performance. In NBA 2K21, you can also find the historical and All-Time Teams.


One of the most popular modes in 2K21 is MyTeam. This mode was introduced in NBA 2K13. You can build a single and multiplayer team in MyTEAM mode. If you have played Madden or FIFA, you must have been familiar with the Ultimate Team mode. Similar to it, MyTEAM also enables users to earn and buy player cards to build their own teams.


MyTEAM Points(aka MT) is the exclusive currency in MyTEAM mode. You can buy desired players in the Auction House and build a strong team to win the competition.


How to Get MT 2K21

MyTEAM is not a pay-to-win mode and there are many ways to earn MT points. How to get myteam points 2K21? The following are some tips:


1. Auction House; Auction House is the most common use place for MyTEAM gamer. You buy Players in this place by using NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Points. Or, You can obtain MT by selling unwanted Player cards. For experienced users, you can flip player cards and earn MT coins as well.

2. Do not buy packs using MT; 2K users can buy packs using either VC or MT. However, it is recommended to buy packs using VC. One reason is that you can only earn MT in MyTEAM mode and MT is more valuable in this mode. Instead, you can grind for VC in MyCAREER mode or other modes, and then buy packs with VC. Another reason is that you can only buy items in Auction House using MT, not VC. Keep a large number of MT in your stock, and buy the best things in Auction House.

3. Locker Codes; Locker Codes are redeemable codes. They reward users with different bonuses, such as VC, MT, player cards, etc. Some codes have only limited quantities and you must redeem as fast as you can. Other codes have unlimited quantities and only have expired time. It is a useful source of MyTEAM points.

4. Daily login reward; Login in 2K21 every 24 hours and you will get some rewards. Although the reward isn't great, it may worth trying especially if you enjoy the game.

5. Diamond Contract; Diamond Contract are expensive and valuable, make the best use of it to get more MT. Use the valuable player card who you may want to keep it for a long time. Meanwhile, avoid applying a Diamond Contract to any card that it's level less than Diamond.

6. Avoid buying every new card; If the new card can boost your team, buy it. Spent MT is easy while earning it takes a lot of time.

7. Make an MT plan; You can get MT in MyTEAM nearly by doing anything. Play more time, get more coins. Make a plan for the use of MT before spending it.

8. Buy MyTEAM Points at U4GM; U4GM is the best 2K21 MT site. Enjoy the cheapest price and instant delivery here.

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Быстрая доставка Мы понимаем важность быстрой доставки, и наши преданные своему делу сотрудникивсе возможное, чтобы NBA 2K21 MT как можно скорее.
Лучшая цена Мы предлагаем продукт, который вы хотите по той цене, которую вы заслуживаете. Мы обещаем предложить вам лучший сервис и лучшие NBA 2K21 MT продукт по самым выгодным ценам!
100% безопасный Мы торгуем методом доставки на 100% безопасным и будем нести ответственность за это, у нас есть опыт в бизнесе, и мы можем гарантировать, что каждый порядок может обрабатываться плавно и эффективно.
Возврат В процессе покупки, если мы не выполним требования клиента заказ вовремя, возмещение будет предоставлено. Возврат будет выдан немедленно .

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    • 350K NBA 2K21 MT

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    • 100K NBA 2K21 MT

    • Mar/30/2020

    • 7 Mins

  • By Dane
    • 300K NBA 2K21 MT

    • Mar/27/2020

    • 6 Mins

  • By nik
    • 50K NBA 2K21 MT

    • Mar/27/2020

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    • 250K NBA 2K21 MT

    • Mar/25/2020

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